Monday, 29 December 2008

Wear Bishnupriya Manipuri dress in college freshers’ day; and become cynosure of your friends

By Sonica Rajkumari, New Delhi

Few days to go, we all will enter into a new year 2009, leaving behind 2008 for ever. For some people this year would have been worse, for some so-so, and for some would have been very nice. If I take my case this year has been nice to me. This year I had full of surprises and suspense in my kitty.

In this year I have been thrown into a new rejuvenated and different sort of world: the hostel life. Exactly a year-gap in between the discipline-school and the casual-college where I am pursuing my study presently. So for me the first year in the college has been very thrilling and exciting. Though we haven't faced any sort of ragging. 

We have not got our seniors as we are the first batch of SPA (School of Planning and Architecture), Vijayawada. So it became our disadvantage and as well as advantage as we are getting attention and responsibility in putting up our best work, to make each event and festival lively and unforgettable.

During Onam, which was the first festival came after the commencement of the session in September, all Malayalam speaking students, usually called Mallus, decided the dress code for that day i.e their traditional lungi for boys and simply long skirts with jasmine rose (gajra) on hair for girls. Many students including me implemented it and also made design of SPA, New Delhi logo using flowers petals on the floor outside the classroom.

After that we were desperately waiting for the next festival, Diwali. I already had our Bishnupriya Manipuris traditional dress on Diwali we specially girls worn our traditional dress. Telugu girls’ worn lehenga which is very similar to saree. One thing I can say for sure their dress is also something like us i.e two piece where as saree is one piece. Assamese girls worn mekhla. But my dress was something that was extraordinary. My dress compelled everyone to ask what this dress is except some north-eastern student who didn’t ask about it. It was actually looking nice and they appreciated me as I was looking like a doll with that attire. I think they impersonated my dress with Chinese doll.

At evening time we cracked crackers and ful- jadi. But more than that photo sessions was going on, with the same full of energy and excitement, recently we celebrated our freshers’ party. 

We did our best to make the party unforgettable and lively even in the absence of seniors. Now, what was next – the New Year? Which I am going to celebrate here at home in Delhi, but I already had cakes for Xmas and new year in advance on 19 December, 2008 as from 21st December we had holiday.

We genuinely feel bad whenever we drop our friends to railway station, as we are not gonna meet for next 12-15 days. I think the same strange feeling envelop you when you were in college, miles away from your home.

From the past many years I have been celebrating New Year by just watching special shows on television which was specially saved only for 31 December. I don't know this year I will celebrate in the same manner or not. I hope 2009 year would be nice for me as well for you all reading this article. May the year 2009 make yours and mine dream come true. I wish all my brothers, sisters and all Bishnupriya Manipuris a warm heartedly a very happy and prosperous new year. Keep rocking.

Happy New Year !

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