Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Journey in Crisis


Indeed, journeys are lessons of life; it teaches you many things that books do not teach. Here is another jotting…Read

Rebati Mohan Sinha

Dear Sonika, your encounter with odds, while traveling from Delhi to Silchar then to Vijaywada and back, is really a hair-raising one. You could overcome all these due to the support rendered by your brave parents, accompanying you. No ordinary parents could do that. Your heart-beating adventure reminded me of a similar type of incident happened to your Bordi, my elder daughter, living in Australia.

It was her 17th birth day, 13th June1987; she was to travel from Bombay to Silchar via Calcutta by an Indian Airline to appear before the final Selection Board at Silchar Medical College. Her HSC result was also declared on that day and she went to college for admission with the mark sheet issued on the same day. On hearing the news of her passing out with four letters, the neighbors started pouring in at our tiny room to congratulate and wish her; unfortunately she was not at home to receive them .We were worried because the time was running out for her to get ready for airport.

Anyway at the nick of time she reached home; but there was no time for her to change dress and grab food. I took her to airport and bade goodbye and came back home thinking that my friend would receive her at the Calcutta airport and take her home for the night. The next day, she caught the Silchar flight and landed safely at the airport; but no taxis could be seen waiting outside, on enquiry, she came to know that due to heavy flood, no vehicles are plying between airport and the city. Along with other passengers she went up to Udarband; but there was no transport. She could see some boats plying and oarsmen were crying Silchar…..Silchar….but she could not gather courage to board on any boats as she knew nobody there.

She was in panic because next day she was to appear in the board. The sun was setting, the area was becoming dark, but still she was having faith in God and hoping for some help and exactly at that moment a middle aged man tapped on her shoulder, and told her to accompany him as he was moving with family, immediately she agreed. Fortunately, that gentleman was happened to be a Colonel in Army, he took her to guest house from where she was dropped to her aunt`s house at Tarapur at around midnight.

The next day, she appeared before the board at Silchar Medical College, but it was her bad luck; she had to argue on PRC (Permanent Resident Ceritficate) with the secretary to the Board, one Dr.Atul Bora. He had told them that although she was born and brought up in Bombay; but their permanent house was at Bekirpar, Silchar, Assam. When she was asked whether her father had any land property, on which she replied negative, saying that as her grandfather was still alive; the property had not been divided among her father and uncles. On hearing this Dr.Atul Bora passed a remark ‘Don`t be smart enough’. In the same night I was telephonically informed about the episode.

(To be concluded)

Friday, 25 July 2008

Those Golden Old Days

Mom's thrashing or scolding did not hurt me much but her comparing me with others would always hurt me and this act of her's would always crop an urge inside me to grow up early, so that I would not have to hear all the craps again and again.

By Ranita Sinha, Kolkata

Today morning after completing my household chores, once my daughter and my husband had left for their school and office, I opted to treat and pamper myself with a cup of strong tea, which I usually do not do(I am not a tea person).

Taking the cup of tea in my hand, I walked into the living room and the bedroom, finding everything slick and span and with the calmness around, which was a rare phenomenon at the presence of my daughter, I felt a sense of contentment and satisfaction in me. I put the cup of tea aside and laid on the bed looking at the ceiling fan, with both my legs in the air, touching the ground.

Lying on the bed and looking at the rotating blades of the fan, it made me ponder how fast my life had undergone change and what I had left behind. I wondered how few years back my day would start in the morning with a thrashing from my mother, an everyday routine, for sleeping till late hours and getting late for school.

Once awaken, how I would make everyone busy, right from my father ironing my clothes, my brother putting my breakfast into my mouth, while I myself was struggling to tie my long hair and my mother packing my lunch box and screaming at me of not being ashamed of my younger sister who used to reach school on time, doing everything by herself.

Paying little heed to my mother's words as it seemed a part of my daily routine, I sat out for school where again as most of the day I had to stand on the late line, where our headmistress would come and caned me to make sure it does not happen again, but, alas! poor me, always late and think after the canning if there was any place on earth where one could escape the thrashings and canning.

Back from school again I would find my mother, with both her hands in her waist and with scornful eyes, waiting at the gate for me. For me, it was the most scariest moment in the world, reaching home late. Seeing her, my mind would always keep on calculating which way to run to escape her hitting. Sometimes she would be successful and sometimes not. Once inside home, I would always scold my younger sister, who was in the same school for reaching home early and for whom I used to get regular scoldings and and beatings.

While taking lunch after coming from school my mother would warn me not to go out like a 'munilaba',(a Bishnupriya Manipuri term whose meaning I am not clear about) rather I should remain inside the home, either doing my homework or taking a nap. But it seemed I always enjoyed, going against her wishes and when she would take rest I crept out of the house with a little 'hidol' (to feed fish) and a fishing rod and used to fish till it is dark or at the most till my mother canned me home, making a mock of myself in front of the neighbors.

The worst of all was when she used to make me take my bath regularly in the evening as she complained that I stink just like a fisherman and than make me sit with my books till dinner gets ready. When she would find me taking nap as was natural after the whole day's tiring activities, she would start comparing me with my two elder brothers, my younger sister and with each and every single boy or girl of my age in the neighborhood. According to her, every child in the locality was good in studies and behavior, except me.

Mom's constant bickering and scolding did not hurt me much but her comparing me with others would always hurt me and this act of her, would always crop an urge inside me to grow up early, so that I would not have to hear all the craps again and again.

But now, when my urge of growing up is fulfilled, I regret and wish if I would have been in that period for a few more years of my life. Looking back, it seems those days were the golden days of my life, which I will always miss, mainly my mother's scoldings and her all typical Bishnupriya Manipuri terms that she used while scolding me, of which some I understood and the rest would go above my knowledge of Bishnupriya Manipuri glossary.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

My 19 days Journey - II

Continued from here.

By Sonika Rajkumari

After withdrawing my engineering seat on July 14, again we left for Mohanpur the next day. After taking lunch there we went to Kalain at evening to catch our night Super bus. The timing of night Super tortured us to the spine. It was supposed to come at 6.30 p.m but it reached Kalain at 11'o clock dead night after waiting for 5 hours.

On 16th at 11.00 a.m we reached Guwahati and decided to have lunch there. We were so tired that as soon as we reached home we fell asleep. At evening I went to meet my friends and told them that I am going to Vijayawada the next day i.e., 17.07.08.

At 6.30 at the morning we boarded the train from Kamakhya railway station to Vijayawada. Next day we reached Vijaywada at night 12.30a.m. We were advised by the local people of Vijayawada in train if we reach Vijaywada at mid night we should stay in refreshment rooms of Railway station or we should go to hotel by auto. So we spent our night their in refreshment room as we were new in the city. I noticed the station was very neat and clean. There was no need to go outside, as in the station itself we could get anything, right from internet cafe to restaurant, PCO to ATM, everything was available, only the institute SPA was not there; lest everything was there.


After freshening up and having breakfast we left station in the hunt of SPA institute. We found difficulties in communicating with the local people. Neither do they understand Hindi nor English. We didn’t have address of SPA, Vijaywada, through enquiring in station we came to know that it is near the airport. There were already many colleges near it like vetenarary College, engineering college. Through a college we got to know the exact location of SPA. From big and broad road we entered into a small and narrow road. It was actually a village where there were no means of transportation like bus or auto even the auto in which we were sitting, went to that area for the first time. I started persuading myself about not worrying about the village the location of college, often the good institutes are situated at desolate places and away from the city, IIT, Guwahati, NIT, Silchar are examples. When we were crossing the villages, bulls and goats came on the middle of the road, even graveyard and bunch of trees. After few minutes I found four people in the road - the autowallah, my father, my mom and me.

I was trying to reach my sight as far as possible from inside the auto if I could see any building. But the only thing visible was trees, and trees everywhere. I got sad also seemed my parents. I started thinking if SPA would be in that remote area I would leave it as only ghost could live there even in the bright morning. Than I thought i did not even have my engineering seat so how could I leave this college. situation was like: I should start crying thinking why I withdrew my engineering seat. Like a light in the end of a tunnel, we saw a building, it was a girls’ school. The lady in the Principal’s room told us that we are not the first alien (for them we were alien as it was difficult to communicate with them if we don’t know their language), before us many student had come in search of SPA. Then she gave us a telephone number.

The person on the phone on the other side of the line instructed us to reach SPA Delhi as soon as possible by first means of transportation before the extended day Monday i.e.21st July.

We rushed to the station again to get information about trains and flight on the same day. In trains no seat and no flight from Vijayawada, we could only get flight from Hyderabad for Delhi, rate 6000 something per head. We also didn’t have any other option but at the same time we were trying if we could get seat in Rajdhani express. We got waiting list 1-2-3 in Rajdhani which was from Chennai to Hazrat Nizamuddin via Vijayawada on 20th July which would reach Delhi on 21st at 10.15a.m. So we opted for Rajdhani.

At 11.00 a.m we boarded Rajdhani from Vijayawada. The TTE confirmed our three seats. I was feeling happy ultimately I will be studying in SPA, New Delhi, which I always wanted.


Reached Delhi at 10.30a.m. From there we directly headed for SPA. I deposited my demand draft in favour of SPA,Vijayawada and photocopies of certificates and got admitted. The classes will commence from 25th of August.

Now, I am at home relaxing from these 19 days hectic schedule journey, now when I look back I find that actually this was a type of journey I never had. I will never ever be able to forget this after giving trouble to my body, mind, ups and downs of my dreams, at last I will be studying in SPA, Delhi. I know the journey is not finished yet there is a long way to go ahead, and for this I have to work hard.


Wednesday, 23 July 2008

My 19 days Journey

These 19 days were very hectic; literally pressed with time. We were just hip-hopping from one place to another, from one village to another, from one city to another, as we were dozing time. Sometime time ahead of us, and sometime we were beside it. Read…

By Sonika Rajkumari

On 3rd of July we boarded train from New Delhi Railway Station to Guwahati at 06:30a.m. Next day at 04:30p.m we reached Guwahati but we descended at Kamakhaya Railway station at Maligoan. We spent three days in Guwahati i.e., 4, 5, 6 of July. On 7th July we headed for Silchar in night Super bus, as always we alighted at Kalain from there we went to my village Mohanpur. This journey from Gauhati to Silchar was one of the most torturous and horrible I ever had as the condition of road been pathetic due to rainy season. Spending a night in Mohanpur on 9th we left for my mom's village Baromuni.


AIEEE's engineering counseling in NIT (National Institute of Technology), Silchar (commonly known as REC, Silchar by the local people)

The day before counseling on 10th we had to run a lot for my OBC certificate. I had my OBC certificate that was issued to me on 2006 but it didn't work as counter sign was not there. We also didn't notice at that time. So on 11th here I was in counselling centre from 9a.m and there my uncle was in D.C office busy to get my OBC certificate. There were many students that came along, not only with their parents but also with their whole family which was creating chaotic atmosphere. After filling files that was given to us, I stand in a long train like queue. At about 5p.m my turn came to get into room for document verification and online counselling till the time I had had my OBC with me.

There on document verification I coincidently met a person, who was verifying my document, of our community - the Bishnupriya Manipuri. At first he didn't able to recognize me and neither did I because of my title that I carry right from class 10th i.e., Rajput instead of correct title “Rajkumari”. Of course, a typographical error done by clerks in K.V Srinagar School.

Because of this Rajput title glued to all my educational certificates, I faced lots of problem in getting my OBC and PRC (Permanent Resident Certificate) kind of certificates. So he was also very much confused, how a Rajput could be an OBC, given parent’s title “Sinha”, permanent address Mohanpur, Silchar.

Then he started talking to me in Bengali. At last he asked me - Bishnupriya Manipuri?
“I am also a Bishnupriya Manipuri”, he said.


AIEEE's Architecture stream counselling at the same college NIT, Silchar.

There were hardly total 20 or 25 student so it didn't take longer to finish the whole counselling procedure. At 11a.m we wrapped up and headed towards home. On 14th from internet at Silchar I got the result. I was allotted institute SPA, School of planning and architecture, Vijyawada, Andhra Pradesh. I got upset as I eagerly wanted SPA, New Delhi. I started worrying how I would stay there alone in hostel in Vijyawada, too far from Delhi and away from family!

On the same day after knowing the result I went to NIT, Silchar to withdraw my engineering seat. Because in engineering stream which institute will I get be out on 23rd as I have filled Form 2 there was no vacancy under Form 1, the dropout seats of candidates of Form 1 will be given to Form 2 candidates and the result of Form 2 will be out on 23rd July. (Form 1 and Form 2 are admission procedures) I can't wait till 23rd as I have to physically report to allotted institute SPA, Vijayawada before 20th or my seat would be considered as dropout seat that will be given to candidates of Form 2 who didn't get institute under Form 1. After all, my interest was to pursue Architecture stream, and only the city Vijayawada was bothering me.

During the withdrawal of the engineering seat, when the concerned person entered my Roll No in the computer, it displayed "The candidate has already withdrawn the seat and the DD amount has been refunded" message. He got confused. Same, I also got confused. How it is possible that before I withdrew the seat, the message is coming. However, later everything got settled and I got my DD.

To be concluded.

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Monday, 21 July 2008

Hunt Success

By Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

The contentment that one gets from sleeping late morning on Sunday is different; to be correct it is altogether a different feeling. It cannot be measured, or compared to any known feeling that the human race is exposed to. To this context I am not averse to it, I sleep like a horse on Sundays, and if possible I would sleep the whole day. As much, I hate to be disturbed by any known or unknown call I get before 10 a.m. on Sundays. However, yesterday, from the couple of calls that I received from my Bishnupriya Manipuri friends in Delhi, at that odd hour, it not only blown my impatient lid (the first reaction that I perceived), it turned me to think, ponder deep inside, as our conversation started rolling, the struggle they are putting up to change their course of life. It is something that has prompted to jot down my feelings.

Surely, they cannot be said successful, after all the word "success" itself is relative, what success mean for one, may not hold the same meaning for the other person. Moreover, to our standard definition of success, it will not be correct to say: they are successful persons. But, they are striving for it.

Their strive, their desire to excel in their respective fields, is what that comes as inspiration, at least for many, especially people like me whose body clock on Sundays stops ticking!

I knew, the effort that they were pouring in, but for the sake of continuing the call rolling, our conversations got transformed into what's-happening-in-your-life mode. From the information that I started collating from that mode, if it had awestricken me, also it had soothed me. Knowing, our future is bright if such sacrifices are done and if it is followed by everyone.

I came to know, how they are pushing their limit, every time their body and mental tiredness says NO. They confidently say: there is still abundant energy left, dear "Rishikesh". I have a dream, and I will hunt it.

Their clarity about life, about their work and dreams, are clear like crystal. They want expansion in their horizon of present involvement.

At the end, if something that I have concluded from couple of conversations I had with my Bishnupriya Manipuri friends, which I loathe at first when I received their call, is that I must scribble down my feelings, thoughts and churn it into an article. Writing an article was nowhere in my schedule, especially devoting to them who have disturbed my sleep. Phew!!!

Anyway, here is the truth, I wake up early morning even on Sundays and I love to receive calls!



Certain sins once committed haunts lifelong, unless one gets a chance to redeem the sins. Same was the fate with Amir- the prime character of Khaled Hosseini's first novel 'The Kite Runner'.

By Ranita Sinha, Kolkata

Amir's guilt at the age of twelve, of committing the crime of not standing to the rescue of Hassan his childhood friend, when he was being physically abused and raped by Asif, the perverted neighborhood boy, haunted Amir through out his life. Hassan was the son of Amir's wealthy father's Hazara servant Ali and his only acquaintance since his childhood. Moreover, later with the hope to get rid of his guilt and also Hassan, whose presence in his house made him more guilty, Amir accuses him with false charges of stealth.

But, when Hassan and Ali left the house without even trying to prove their innocence, Amir was heaped with more guilt. It tormented him for twenty-six long years, even after moving to California along with his father at the age of eighteen, when the Russia invaded Afganisthan and there was violence everywhere.

Amir's quest for redemption gets a ray of hope when he gets a call to visits his father's business partner Rahim Khan and after visiting discovers that his Hazara friend Hassan is actually his half brother, which makes him furious with the thought of the truth not being reveled to him and also Hassan, which they deserved to know.

Rahim Khan's plea to Amir to rescue Hassan's son Sorab- who was by than an orphan, from the clutches of the Afghans, led him to visit Afghanistan after twenty-six years. He rescues Sorab and adopts him and takes him to the States and did every possible thing to make him happy because Amir thought that his freedom from his sins laid in Sorab's happiness.

While reading the novel one finds that it is a story about friendship, loyalty, betrayal, survival, guilt and redemption and every aspects being portrayed flawlessly by the writer. The characters are so real that a reader is bound to laugh, cheer, shed tear, get annoyed and at the same time sympathize with them.

Here, Hosseini evokes a picture of the history and culture of the than and the present day Afghanistan and he succeeds in his efforts to portray the picture of a prosperous land pre-Talibani regime to the world audience and also the sufferings of his kinsmen post-Talibani regime where he delineates the image of a young boy forced into prostitution, an adulterous couple being stoned to death, a man desperate to cell his artificial leg to feed his children, numerous orphans loitering in the streets for food etc.

In my opinion The Kite Runner is one of the best books I have read, as it has made me to finish the book at one go and once complete, I sat to myself, alone for quite sometime and sobbed inconsolably for the reason not known to me. I would recommend my friends and family to read The Kite Runner as, if, not read they would be depriving themselves of something exotic.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Puja and Paisa

By Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

Money rules the roost. There is no free lunch in this world. Mentioning of these two adages here is only to signify the importance money carries in this world. Especially in the metros, money comes as lifeline. It works as oxygen supporting our life cycle. To be more appropriate, without the so called sufficient money, the mere existence turns out to be a life-and-death situation. Here, if one has to organise a small gathering, obviously it takes a heavy toll, financially.

And with the congregation of Bishnupriya Manipuri people in some pockets of the country, initiative to organise festivals has started taking place. Here again, there exist elasticity of money, money collected from few of the organisers is not enough to arrange it successfully and in grand scale. Sometimes while arranging such gathering they have to cough up enough money from their own pocket.

Interestingly, we all have been part of such celebrations, and have remained aloof to all such push and pull. We simply go, chat, unwind our mind, rejuvenate our body and come back. Nobody cares about the money that has been paid for the venue, chai-pani and in other add-on facilities, which has been arranged for all of us.

However, to the fact that the majorities of the Bishnupriya Manipuri people living in the metros are doing jobs and are not financially strong, there is a need to understand the financial mathematics involved in such celebrations. There must be a way where organisers (read individuals) do not take the whole responsibility of the finance and hence lands up burning their finger. Since such celebrations are not private and are for the people, there must be participation from everyone, in the sharing of financial costs.

More important, organisers taking the cudgel to celebrate festivals must take the step to register itself; so that all those who contribute carry the belief the money offered is not misutilised and will be appropriately spent. It is one of the reasons that most of us do not come forward to the donation box.

We must introspect and at the same time organizers must gain the belief of the common people, who throng any venue listening to the call of attending a puja.

Phira Raath (kaang) in Kolkata

Phira Raath (kaang) was celebrated on 12th of July 2008 by the Bishnupriya Manipuri people of Kolkata at the residence of Sri Kunja Singha at Bagher Khol with great keenness.

Ranita Sinha, Kolkata

Unlike the first day of Rath Yatra, the crowd was meager. Only 40-45 devotees assembled for the occasion but there was no lacking in enthusiasm.

The brightly decorated Kaang was drawn and taken out on the road by chanting Hari Naam. This time though the professional Isalpa was not present, yet the devotees chanted Hari Naam with full warmth and devotion while drawing the chariot.

Later the Raath was brought back and Senda Arti was performed followed by the Joideb. Everybody, who were present, participated in the Joideb and was of great fun.Finally, the prasadam- Khechuri and usheir khaar was served which was mouth watering.

But the day did not end here. There was a singing mehefil where most of the people participated which was fun filled and at last thirty minutes past midnight everyone proceeded towards their home.

Not the Best

Ever since I came to my senses, I remember myself choosing the lesser known or the second bests in any field. This is not an intended one, but I somehow end up choosing something which is not the best.

Tridiv Sinha

People generally look up to those icons that have excelled in their fields, the perfect picture and successful ones. This happens because everyone wants a perfect life, not a life filled with tragedy. No one in this world would respect a person who is unsuccessful. People sing the glories of heroes and leaders. So, everyone wants to be successful in this rat race. There are few people who do not care about success, and are called idiots or losers. No one wants to know what makes the person ignore success when everyone else is following. If we understand the feelings of that person, we might know the answer to a lot of questions regarding life. Is there any person who is successful and has fulfilled his/her dreams at the same time? Ask yourselves whether or not you have sacrificed something or the other which was very dear to you on the path of becoming successful? Every person has to pay for his success and there are no exceptions. I’m not asking to leave the path to success and pursue that of your dream. There’s much more in a ordinary person than a successful one. Perhaps he/she wasn’t ready to sacrifice what was very dear to him/her and he/she preferred to remain the same.

We respect sacrifices made by great people, but what about a common man? Have you ever thought that a normal freedom fighter might have gone to jail many times more than Gandhi? We don’t know whether some other ‘Satyagrahi’ had suffered the punishments much more than Gandhi. One should worship common people instead worshipping of some leaders, because it’s the common people who make the Leaders, at least they attempt to make a difference whether or not it has an overall effect.

On this account, I want to take the reference of ‘The Simoquin Prophecies’ By Samit Basu. The book can’t be considered an appreciable one, but the concept is somewhat original/ unique. We have read stories about the fight between good and evil, one of the greatest dualities of our world. But, there is another interpretation to this duality. There is no good or evil in this world. Everyone wants to increase their influence over others. This isn’t evil, but a normal trait or an instinct that humans have in human beings. This is the thing that makes a man successful. History is always written by the winner. A loser’s point of view is never mentioned or considered. The winner publicizes himself as the ‘Good’, whereas the loser is termed ‘Evil’. Just because you lost, you are termed as Evil. Winners have always done this grave injustice to the losers.

It should be noted that history has produced great leaders but very few cared to know about their second in command. These persons who stand by the side of the leaders, have greater character strength than the leaders themselves. They are the perfect examples of loyalty and sacrifice. Just think of a situation where your subordinate is planning your demise and wants to take control of your progress. Can you succeed? NO. It’s the selflessness of these people which takes successful people up the ladder. These ordinary and inferior ones should be given the respect they deserve. So, instead of saying ‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman’, we should say ‘Behind every successful man, there are other men/women.’

Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Timely Eye Test Can Save A Diabetic`s Eye-Sight


The medical science is advancing so rapidly, the normal specialists never try to follow, unless it is required. We both, my wife and myself, have been suffering from diabetes for a long time. She is insulin dependent, having injections twice a day and where as, I am not.
Rebati Mohan Sinha

For years, we go to specialist for annual eye check up and having known,we are diabetics, the doctor checks up thoroughly and finds no abnormality.

Due to God’s grace, one day, my daughter sent a `e mail `from Australia to meet an Army doctor, one colonel (senior advisor),at Naval hospital, Colaba, Mumbai,who`s the friend of her brother in law(also a colonel).He said that diabetes cant be cured, only controlled; but vision loss that is associated with the disease can be prevented. Diabetic retinopathy or damage to the retina caused by complications from diabetes is fast emerging as a silent health threat, which could eventually lead to permanent blindness, which was not known earlier.

To day, I would like to share with the visitor of this blog. The doctor said that all diabetes patients have to go for eye screening regularly even if they don`t have vision problems and if not treated in time, it can cause vision (eye sight) loss which is irreversible. I was told, as per World Health Organization, Indian will have 60 million people suffering from diabetes by 2010.Studies reveal that diabetes related problems manifest in about 80% of all diabetes who have had the condition for over 10 years. Diabetes retinopathy, if not treated in time, could lead to permanent loss of vision. There is a 90% chance of preventing loss of vision with proper and timely treatment.

Every body knows, I mean, all diabetics know, and that it is a syndrome caused by metabolism problems and abnormally high blood sugar, resulting in insufficient levels of the hormone insulin. The disorder can seriously affect the person’s vision, limbs kidney. Diabetic retinopathy is caused by complications in the blood vessels of the retina, which is the light sensitive tissue at the back of the eye and necessary for good vision. With diabetic retinopathy in some patients the blood vessels may swell and fluid leakage while, in other instances, new blood may grow on the surface of the retina. These may happen to both diabetes type 1 and type 2 also and it happened to us i.e. we, both had similar problem of diabetic retinopathy where our eyes blood vessels were swelled and fluid leakage, thereby hospital authority recommended for eye angiography, followed by laser surgery. We had no other alternatives but to go for the same in a hospital, where these newly acquired equipments are available. It was quite expensive for us to take such a treatment in an international famed hospital, like Wockhardt in Mumbai

Diabetes is normally inherited and children of diabetic parents have a far greater chance of developing this disease themselves. .

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

My Experiments With Music

People often confuse Rock music for something which it’s not. People suffer from a prejudice that only those who like parties and no feelings like rock music. I don’t want everyone to like Rock, nor want to advocate it as the best genre of music. I just want to say that every genre of music has it’s own followers and people should respect that.

By Tridiv Sinha, New Delhi

Being a rock fan, I’m asked many a times as to why I listen to these ‘Meaningless Craps’, to put in their words. One should understand that each and every creation has a value of it’s own and cannot be neglected as anything.

I first started my journey with ‘Scorpions’ – a German band. I liked the sound of the guitars which led me to try the genre which involves the greatest guitar players the world has ever seen. At the initial stages, I stuck to the music just because of the guitars, but soon it turned out that they have excelled in lyrical contents too. Anyone who doesn’t agree may compare the lyrical contents of Rock with any other genre of their liking.

I’ve often seen that if a song doesn’t have the romantic contents and a slow music, people often confuse it for useless music. Most of the people have slow and romantic music as their favorite songs.

Rock music has few bands that do follow romance as their lyrics, whereas majority of other bands use other human feelings as the theme. To put it in easier words, Romantic Music is Shakespeare and Rock Music is Franz Kafka or Leo Tolstoy.

The major pioneers in Rock Music have always tried to express human feelings other than just love. Bands like Metallica have always criticized war and modern globalization through their music. Rock is about bringing out the depression building inside you, and I don’t think that these feelings should be melodious in anyways. There is more to say, little space to continue. So, the next time you see a Rock fan, don’t have a prejudice that he has a bad taste of music. Try to experience the music and then decide whether it’s just another waste of time or a precious Jewel you have missed all these years.

In a small village-II

The story begins from "In a small village". The story is all about a boy called Alok, his childhood days spent in a village. Explore the world of Alok. Read...

By Jyotirmoy Sinha, New Delhi

Alok's aim in life at the age of eight was to learn English. So, he prepared himself and passed the 4th standard with flying colours. But God had something else in store for him. The headmaster of his school convinced his parents to keep him in the same class for one more year as he was only eight years old and to be in class V a student has to be nine years old and also as Alok was a good student the headmaster wanted him to attempt for the scholarship exam.

But Alok was not aware of all this. One day when he was digging a drain with his elder brother for playing purpose, a friend of him came running and told him that his parents would not allow him to go to class V. Hearing this anomalous news, he was numb, he hurriedly put out his right hand from the drain and was about to climb up, that time his elder brother hit the spade down to the drain. The spade accidentally hit Alok's right index finger very badly. But Alok was so shattered by the news given by his friend that he did not feel the pain in his finger. He just once screamed the word 'Maa". His mother hearing his scream came running, when she saw him soaked in blood. Alok was calm, he was not bothered about the accident. He instead told his mother with tears in his eyes that he wanted to learn English and that he wanted to go to the next class. But his parents had made up their mind and thus he had to be in the same class for one more year. After that Alok became indifferent to all. He stopped having fun with his friends.

After one week of the incident in which he injured his right index finger, his classes started. He was very upset that he had to be in the same class but he even did not want to disobey his parents. So, he sat out for his school which was at a distance of one kilometer from his home. On the way to school there was a Shiv Temple. Alok sat there for sometime and recollected his memories with his class mates. He remembered how, when there was a half day in school, he and his friends used to sing "Aajke school bondho, golap fhuler gondho". Also when somebody was not supposed to be touched due to some reason, Alok and his friends used to utter with crossed fingers "bakor khat mankai". All those memories were hurting him from inside. In the meantime he heard the school bell ring. At that moment a boy came and asked Alok if he had failed in class IV. Alok replied that he had not failed but was dropped to be able to attempt for the scholarship exam. The boy refused to buy his words and asked him not to give excuses. This hurt Alok and instead of going to school he headed towards home.

But, while come back home he saw his elder brother and he tired to hide himself under his big umbrella. But his brother saw him and dropped him in his class. During the break time his new batch mates started teasing him saying that he was a looser and that he had lost one year. Alok tried to explain them that he had not failed but no one was interested. Somehow he adjusted with his new batch mates but he stopped studying at home. His parents insisted him to study and prepare for his scholarship exams but Alok, an obstinate child, had changed his mind without knowing that he had obstructed his path himself by his wrong step.

However, Alok again passed out with flying colors. As per his parents wish he had to sit for the scholarship exams. But his mind was not prepared for the exam. His mind was somewhere else. Yet he appeared for his scholarship exam and was waiting for the result. But Alok was not much concerned about the results of his scholarship exam.His mind was flying high. He had a content grin on his face. He was about to get admission in class V and that he would start learning English.

After few days Alok's scholarship result was out and he did not qualify in it. He got a good scolding from his parents. He dis not say anything but he was least bothered about the result, after all he was going to get admission in higher class and he was happy with that.

Alok's parents were almost ready to give him admission in a good school, but in the mean time his uncle, a headmaster of a school, that had classes from class V to class VII came to their house and interdicted them to put Alok in his school as his school had no good students. He emotionally convinced his parents and they had no options but admit Alok at his school.

But Alok was not aware of all this. During the term break he collected notes and books from his old friends and was ready for the next class and he even told some of his friends that he would be going to the same school his old friends are going. On the day of admission Alok was ready, taking an early bath. But his parents told him that he was not going to get admission in that school and that they want him to study in his uncle's school. Hearing this he had nothing to say. He was fed up of all this. He just sobbed and told his parents that he was away from his friends and that he was disappointed with what they are doing. Then...

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Monday, 14 July 2008

Rath Yatra at Pune


Photos sent by Vikas Namjoshi

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Khechurir Palee at Radhakund


By Rebati Mohan Sinha

I have been hearing from Delhities that every year during nine-day celebration of Rath Yatra they come down to Radhakund with a full load of men and material to celebrate the occation.We, the Mumbaities, are quite jealous of them and decided to be a part of it and contacted the organizers at Delhi and they gave the green signal. As there was a outstanding request for attending a meeting at Radhakund, immediately Shri Kajalkanti Sinha was contacted at Delhi for arranging the khechurir palee at Radhakund.

On July 07.2008 the Delhi and Mumbai parties landed at Mathura junction and from there we set for Radhakund and reached there safely.In the evening we had discussed about the invitees,who would be with us in the celebration on July 08.2008.It was decided that all the Meitei manipuris be approached,and accordingly we invited them from all the twenty eight leipham :1.Mahaprabhu Mandir 2.Giridhari Mandir 3.Gopinatha mandir 4.Nabin Kishore Mandir 5.Acharya Prabhu Mandir and so on.

The celebration started with sendha aarty by brajabasini of Mandir and joined by others later.The next attraction was Joidev and it was performed very well,and almost all people gathered there had participated.And our last and final item was to prosad lokorani.A special `khaaror hou` was served with khechuri .

Shri kajalkanti Sinha and myself stood in front of all the invitees with our folded hands, while they were having their prosad.On behalf of both Dehities and Mumbaities I thanked the people present there and also I thanked the Mandir sevait without whose support we could not have succeeded,and never the least, the purohit deserved accolades from all of us for tasty Prosadom he had prepared.The celebration ended in a great note.The next day,we departed from Radhakund with a happy mood promising that we would be meeting next year at the same place same time.

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Work Commencement Of Yatri Nivas-Building


Radha Kunda, Mathura: All the delegates from New Delhi, Mumbai and Agartala arrived on July 07, 2008 at Radha kunda and their lodging and boarding were specially arranged by Mandir sevait at nearby Meera Banik Dharmashala.

The sevait of Shri Shri Radha Madhavjiu Mandir received Shri Kajalkanti Sinha, the President, Nirman Committee and it’s members. Shri Rebati Mohan Sinha, the special invitee, was given a warm reception by all at the entrance of the Naat Mandir, the venue of the meeting. He was requested to attend that meeting by executive committee.

The mandir management committee member, Shri Mohan Singh Choudhury welcomed the delegates at the venue. The meeting started with a jayadhwani of ‘Radhe- Radhe’ at around 11.30am. The President of the Nirman Committee had chaired the meeting. In his speech, he explained the purpose and benefit of having such a meeting at the construction site. He also said that, due to the discrepancy noticed in the drawing, the construction work could not commenced, and therefore a review meeting had to be called at his house on 13th may at Delhi, where Shri Rebati Mohan Sinha from Mumbai and Shri Bishwajit Sinha from Delhi were present along with others. After a thorough discussion, it was decided that one more meeting ought to be held at site i.e., at Radhakunda, to finalize the drawing. He requested Shri Rebati Mohan Sinha to take part in all discussions with the architect, under his chairmanship.The following starred points were unanimously resolved in the meeting for discussion with the architect.

(1) To keep 20% open space (fresh air) while finalizing the building plan.

(2) To keep the holy well undisturbbed, thereby shift the building further away.

(3) Blue print of the buildgings to be amended as required, keeping in view of comfort of the yatris.

(4)The lining out of building plan on the ground for commencement of work, to be completed with the help of the architect in presence of all members.

(5) Sky walk to be introduced between building A and B for easy passage at 1st floor level.

On July 08 at 09.30 AM. again the president, Nirman committee chaired the meeting.The architect from Nabadwip was represented by a draftsman, named Shri Ashim Ghosh. The above mentioned points were thoroughly discussed and had been agreed upon to amend the drawing accordingly. He had expressed his satisfaction over the brief on various points prepared by Shri Rebati mohan Sinha on behalf of Nirman committee.

On July 09.2008 at around 08.30 AM.the draftsman, Shri Ghosh came to the site with a amended working drawing to mark the lay out of building plan on the ground, with the help of a Rajmistri with his team. As soon as the marking was over, the draftsman was instructed to list out all amended points to incorporate in the final drawing of the building plan. The construction committee was represented by Shri Kajalkanti Sinha, president, Shri Krishnakanta Das Babaji, incharge of inspection, Shri Chittatosh Sinha, member. The special invitee, Shri Rebati Mohan Sinha had assisted the team in all respect. Shri Krishnakanta Das Babaji himself is a diploma holder in civil engineering, so the president had given the additional job of selection of resources ie men and material either from Mathura or Gobardhan with the help of Shri Chittatosh Sinha.

The meeting was adjourned on completion of lay-out marking on the ground.All the delegates were requested for Prasadi at Naat Mandir at around 12 noon.Prior to departure for Delhi, the Nirman Committee President had thanked Shri Krishna Kanta Das Baba for the services rendered by his inmates and purohit of Mandir .

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Monday, 7 July 2008

Sri sri Jagannath Prabhu Rath Jatra, Kolkata


By Ranita Sinha, Kolkata

Bishnupriya Manipuri Awakening Society, Kolkata, on 4th of July 2008, for the fifth consecutive year, celebrated Sri Sri Jagannath Prabhu Rath Jatra at the residence of Sri Kunjo Singha at Bagher Khol, kolkata, with full devotion and enthusiasm. Instead, being on a weekday, over 100 devotees attended to mark the occasion. Community people from Durgapur, Guwahati, Silchar and Dhanbad also attended.

The day started with the deities-Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra, being taken out from the altar by the Brahmin and putting them on the colorfully decorated Rath(chariot/kaang) amidst a ritual procession of Hari Naam being chanted by the devotees followed by Arati.

Later, men and women of all ages, flanked by Bishnupriya Manipuri traditional attires and not to forget the Namsha put by all, the Kaang was drawn, with the Dakulas and Isalpas leading the procession by chanting Hari Naam and other devotional songs. At many places, Dhol Chalan was also performed by the young BM boys and girls led by Bibhul Sinha from Guwahati, which made the procession more colorful and authentic. The people who flocked at the roadsides to have a glimpse of the procession were later seen joining it and also at many places, the chariot was stopped by the people to make offerings to the deities.

After an hours procession the Rath was brought back to the place of Pali, where the Senda Arati was performed followed by the Joidev. In the Joidev most of the devotees irrespective of age and gender participated with full enthusiasm, which took the ambiance of pali at a village malthep. The occasion was made more special by the presence of Smt. Kalavati Devi and Bimbavati Devi.

Along with the Joidev traditional Manipuri dance performances and Dhol Chalan were presented by the students of Smt Kalavati Devi and Sri Kunjo Singha followed by Bimbavati Devi's Thabal Chongba.

At the end Prasadam (Khechuri, labra, khar, brinjal fry, papad fry, tak, kheer and sweets) was served to all. The Prasadam was, prepared by Bibhul Sinha and Meera Singha. It was the selfless effort of Sri Nirmal Sinha, Kunja Singha, Bibhul Sinha and Meera Singha that made the occasion a grand success.

On 12th of July 08 again Phira Rath will be celebrated at the same venue. All are cordially invited to attend the occasion and make it a success.

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