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Silcharé OBC hostel'go ona thokta? Part II

Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur Sewashramé OBC hostel ago ona thok,  ehan kii ami Bishnupriya Manipuri é cheyarta? (Part II) Read Part I
By Rebati Mohan Sinha

Q. OBC hostel pradeshé pradeshé Kendriya Sarkar'e kia derta?

Ans. The scheme aims at providing hostel facilities to students belonging to socially and educationally backward classes, especially from rural areas to enable   them to pursue secondary and higher education.

Q. Who are eligible for accommodation in the hostel?
Ans. Students whose castes are included in Central/State/UT list of OBC and who do not belong to creamy layer.
Q. What is the funding pattern under the scheme of construction of hostel for OBC Boys and Girls?
Ans. Under the scheme following funding pattern has been envisaged :
(b) State Govt. in North East 10% share and 90% Central share for construction of OBC hostels.

The sharing pattern applies to the cost as approved at the time of sanction of Central Assistance. Central Govt. will not bear any extra cost due to any subsequent  escalation and such extra cost will have to be borne entirely by the recipient Agency ie State Govt.

Responsibility of implementing Agencies(States) by way of Maintenance and Management of hostels :(i) The entire expenditure on procurement of land, staffing(warden, cooks and chowkidar etc) and other maintenance(including building) and day to day expenditure shall be borne by the implementing agency's(State's) concern.

BMDC'r Chaiman giroke Face Booké sadasya'r onek prashnor jobab dite gia gireke maateseta :

Q. 1. Ashram'e shilanyas'r folok'got OBC hostel for Boys and Girls lekhani'r karon?
A.    Central Scheme ehan OBC hostelórka, BM hostel'gorka na'goi.
Q.2. Ebaka'te kihan korani?
A. Name board'hanat( folok'han)naang'han bodlani oitoi, tobe Sarkar'r niyom onujayee( as per Govt. norms)               
Q.3. Sarkar'r niyom-kanoon'te kisade'ta?( what is the Govt.s norm?)
A.    Board'hanat( folok'hanat) naag'han na'bodlei'lou choltoi.( Ans. irrelivent)                
Q.4. Kiyate Ashram'hanar folok'han bagia nua'kore BM hostel for Boys and Girls  likhani ose?
A    Uttor'han ebakau na'pasi.(The answer is still awaited)
Q.5. Assam'r Tinsukiar, Guwahatir OBC hostel'r thikana documenté hoba'kore ikora aase, Ashram'r belai kia neita?
A. Silchar bullei choltoi.( Ashram'r naang'han peya thana thok nei?)
Chairman giroké Face booké ehanóu elan koresil, OBC hostel egor kuno kaamé BMDC nei :
a) hostel'gor drawing'han Govt'r'han.
b) hostel'go honkoranir bhar'hanóu Govt'r Housing Board'rang.
c)  Building'r contract'hanóu sakaré issue korese..
d) Work Order'han issue koresetaú Housing Boardé.

BMDC'rang obosyo Work commencement'r Order'r copy ahan  dena ose bulia hunlaang.(only for information)

Sewashram'r rupa prai 50 lakh'r B'han committeeé Assam Sarkaróre hostel'gorka dite,  sarkar'r kuno documenté(dolil) naang'han peyaú neióni, ehante kii kothahan?

'Rupa 2.49 kutir prakalpa ahan Ashram'r chouhadda'gor bhitore oya jitega, committee'r dwayitto neoni! BM samaj kisade  yakortaita, nijor uthané aya manué kaam koria jitega ami kittáhan maate nuartangai? Orthat contractor'goi jehan mon ouhan koria gelegaóu maatil adhikar committee'rang neióitoi.

BMDC'r e'scheme ehan ananir sujuk Assam Govt're dia Bishnupriya Manipurir, bishesh koria Sewashram'r kihan labh'han oilta? BMDC'r Chaiman'goi BM samajé ania ahese 2.49 koti rupa Ashram committee'r manue deklata? Kendriya Sarkaré Shilanyas'r porei nei-nei bulleóu prai 2 koti taka building'r nirman kam'rka Assam Sarkaróre dia thaibo!   

(Manner of release of central Assistance- Construction of Hostel building in one instalment) ie Assam Govt. has received total amount for construction at a one go.

Samaj'r manu, bishesh koria BMDC'r  koi'goi rupa eta dekh'lago? Mor epeit karem koria matani orta, Rupai daang'r han na'goi, scheme ahan sushtha'bhabé complete onaóuhan daangor'han.

Loiói'tega Sewashram'r podadhikari're prashna ahan …Sewashram e'prakalpa éhanor'ka B'han dia ki'bhabé labhaban oitoita?

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Meingal Scholarship 2013 announced

Meingal has invited application from meritorious Bishnupriya Manipuri students who passed the HSLC exam 2013.
courtesy: The Assam Tribune [20 July 2013]

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Silcharé OBC hostel'go ona thokta?

Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur Sewashram, Silcharé OBC hostel'go ona thok, ehan kii ami Bishnupriya Manipurié  cheyarta? - Part I
By Rebati Mohan Sinha

Dharmik pratisthan ahanat OBC hostelágo hongoni koti'han jukti jukta? Baro samajé ehanou harpani thok, prai 10 bosor oil BM hostel aago Sewashram'r chouhadda'gor bhitoré hongoyaú aaher. Kendriya mantri, Sri Santosh Mohan Deb giroke shilanyas koria , loge onudan áhanóu desil bulia hunesilang, MP Sri karnendu Purkayastha girokéu rupa paisa'lo paang'lak koresil, loge baro amar samaj'r bishishta manué, bishesh koria Dr. Hariprasad Sinha giroké ebakaóu sahajya koria jarga.

Ami ehanóu hunesi, bortoman Ashram committee, samaj'r bishishta manurelo ghothon ose'han, bishesh koria president baro sadharon sampadok, samaj'r gojor thakor manu bulia parichito, taaile'te, nishchay sanbidhan'hanóu maania choltai orthat Sewashramé girls hostel ona thok'nei, ehanóu pakoré thaiba; er'badastho goto 30 Aprilé, Mantri, MP baro MLA habiye shilanyas koresi ÓBC hostel'gor naang'han FOLOK'got bodleya "BM hostel for Boys and Girls" likhani ose bulia Ashram committee'r Sadharan Sampadhak giroké Face Booké ullekh korese, emon kii folok'han'r photo'ahan BMDFé peitangai ehan'r pratishrutióu dese.

Sewahsram Committee'r ere je karya-kolap, samaje onokyota ahan deha dese bulia khoboré peyar. Sarkari bhabe utsav'r ayojan ahan koria OBC hostel'gor shilanyas oya gesega folok ougóre jodi Central/Assam Govt'r notice na'peya bodlani or , ehan nishchay be-aaini kaam'han(criminal offence) bulia matani yakorer. Je committee haane OBC hostel'go okk bulia NOC desi outai kisade, e'paribartan ehan aane partarata?

Ashramé already BM hostel aago hongóya aaite, OBC hostel agor prayojaniota samajé peirak kisade aherta? Prastab ehan kisade committee'rang phouóil'gata? Karyabahi committee nishchoy ehanór upore alap-alochana ahan'te kore thaiba. Habitto dangór chintar bishay'han oil'tai OBC hostel egor'ka Ashram'r 'B'tukra ahan Assam kisade dena ose? Daan babot na Govt'rang besani osilta  ? Hudda NOC ahan issue koria committeeé B'han onyo'r naagé dia nuarer. Karon, Central Govt'r aainé maater'tai….Ägencies (i) Eligible for assistance under the scheme and (ii) having clear title and possession over the land where the hostel is to be constructed, will submit the proposal in the prescribed format as under…" Taaile aami mone'kore pariar'nai, Assam Govt. taar naangé title'han peya orthat (i) the documentary evidence of land avilability ,plot number and plot area(B kotihan), (II) Site plan peya  OBC hostel'gor ka Kendrita Sarkar'orang dorkhasto korese, phole Department of WPT and BC scheme'hanóre  ania Ashramé shilanyasóu oya gelga; kintuman prashna áhan tha'gelga, ouhan oiltai, nehaat NOC (amar kuno apotti nei, bulia) ahan dia manu agore ba sanstha ahanóre, emonki sarkaróre, nei-nei bulleú 5/6 katha'r B ahan, Ashram Committeeé dia parerta? Silcharé jehan'r daam ajikar market rateé prai 50 lakh'.

Ehanou huniar, Ashram committeeé prachar korer, je 2.49 koti takar OBC hostel ego'r scheme ehan BMDCé anese, kintuman Assam Govt'e scheme hanorka apply korte BMDC'r  kuno ullekh na'korese, emonki Sewashramé B han dese buliaú kuno'peitou ullekh nei.( Ref. Centrally sponsored scheme of construction of hostel for OBC boys and girls)

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Memorable money day

By RK Rishikesh Sinha

What would you do? You swipe your ATM card, and you find unexpected sum of money in your account.

All hell breaks loose. Isn’t ?
It happened with me on 5th July yesterday. I didn’t believe my eyes, I was continuously swiping my ATM Card and it was pouring out hare hare Rs 500 aur Rs 100 ke note.

Things unfurled like this on 5th July.

In the morning, I deposited a cheque of amount Rs 2632 to my nearby private sector bank (I am holding the name of the bank).  At the evening, when I checked at the ATM whether the amount has been credited to my account or not; and took the mini statement, and went through the balance. I was awed, was in surprise, and confused to find this sum of money. I cannot believe my eyes. Then what a mortal like me will do? Check and validate it.

I started continuously swiping the ATM Card, punching my ATM PIN and withdrawing stream of money.  My small purse was failing to hold this sum of money. I was in hurry with lot of thoughts crossing over my mind. I saw a person waiting for me to come out. I stopped my activity. And allowed him to enter the ATM. Soon, he went out. Again, I get to my work, uninterruptedly, in the silence of darkness.

While busy in my work, a thought cross my mind. In such moments, mind works very fast with a lightning speed! I stopped my activity and came straight to home to check the source of money. I found, the bank official has wrongly entered the actual amount Rs 2632.

Gruesome mistake on the part of bank, the bank on which we all bestow our faith, and put our hard earned money.

At midnight, chintan manthan started with my wife after narrating the whole incident. I went back to all my past incidents where similar free money I got from roadside, in buses, and my relationship with such money.

One incident from the past came straight in front of my eyes. I was riding along with my friends from BSF campus to Air Force campus in Guwahati. It was a rainy season, and we three boys found a Rs 10 note.  We were happy that it will pay the cost of three cup of tea. We paddled few metre, again we found lot of Rs 10 note in the either side of road. All total we accumulated above Rs 500. This was big sum for three of us. We divided it among ourselves and went straight to hotel gulping all our favourite dishes. Result: I fell ill for three days.

However, my relationship with such money doesn’t allow me to hold it. I decided to handover the cash that I had withdrawn from the ATM the very next day to the bank. I also intimated the account holder by email from whose account, the amount has been transferred erroneously.

Today morning I visited the bank where I have my account and narrated the whole story. They were bewildered. I paid cash all the money that I had withdrawn and to their instruction, I withdraw more cash, gave it to them, and made a self cheque. 

In between, something cemented my belief: duniya gol hein. The executive who had done the mistake, came out to be the same person about whom I complained to the bank headquarter long back for not opening my bank account (of course for incompetency in banking rules).  Though the bank had to open my account. Again today, the person was in front of me. His job was in stake, and reputation of the bank was in stake.

Nonetheless, I refunded the amount. The story didn't end here as the account holder was reluctant to adhere to the modus operandi that the bank officials were willing to do. For that also, I was requested by the same executive to persuade the account holder on my personal terms.  I kept his request. Finally, it was done with no more fuss.

End of the long story. I am happy; there is no free money with me.  The bank definitely is in a jubilant state; after all they saved their face. And the person got back his money.

The bank person called me showered all in-the-name-of-humanity sentences and assured me any banking help. 

I will never forget this day. After all, such incidents happen once in a blue moon.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

The importance of place


The importance of a place in one’s life is of utmost importance. Whether it is a place where a person has born or has been brought up, or it is a place where a person has come for livelihood. A person’s relationship with a place is unique and it is a mix of lot of feelings and emotions. A place for a person comes as a fulfillment of his or her security, hope and aspirations, an identity. It is mix of myriad of wishes and desires. 

However, sometimes a decision has to be made. To relocate and leave the city from where a person has been rooted for a long time. A city which has been source of all needs that a person require, suddenly fails to enchant him or her. No more glitzy surrounding of a city, the independence it throws, is successful to hold back a person.

Take a friend of mine (A), he left for Assam, after a long stay in Delhi. He was running an internet café business. Another friend (B) will also leave Delhi by the end of this year; he has got lot of investment stakes in the internet medium.

What is common between them? Both of them have done a reality check on themselves. After all such decisions are not made instantly.

A year back, my friend’s (A) internet café business was running smoothly in a rented premise. A demographic change recently in the area changed the number of footfalls in his café. Civil services aspirants in drove had left the area, now it is being occupied by one-day-exam aspirants preparing for SSC, and other exams. This has impact on the business. Adding to it, my friend cousin who was staying with him got selected in Assam Public Service Commission (APSC), and he left my friend A. Definitely it has an impact on him, since after a day-long work, he is alone at night, creating a voidness in his life.

Months went on, one fine day; he took up the decision to left Delhi and do the same business in Assam. Three things would have forced to leave the city for good. One, the business prospect. It is very hard to expand an internet café. Second, the financial strength of my friend A. Definitely, he would have checked his saving and found ‘not satisfactory’. Third, social. Since he is being business for a long time, the business acumen and perspective of life, is different from a salaried person, he took up the call.

My friend B. Though he lives in Delhi, he lives an American life. He earns in dollar and spends in rupees. With the falling of rupee against dollar, he is making moolah of it. With investment in lot of internet stuff, he has decided to operate it from Assam. And of course, adding a new business.

Definitely, for them going back is not a taboo or a shameful act. It is not going from light to dark. It is restructuring their chosen life for betterment where they will add elements which the city has failed to fulfill.
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