Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Google arithmetic in internet

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

After two hot consecutive articles (Time to engineer the Bishnupirya Manipuri Student Union and Seere Seere Shinglei, Kacha Rokot Sitadei). Excuse me! Can you go ahead with a bit technical stuff. Yes! Here it is…

Readers who are closely tracking this blog would have noticed how its position has been changing in the Google search and Yahoo! Search results, every time when they wrote “Bishnupriya Manipuri” in these browsers. 

If I go by the statistics of November 9 to December 9- 573 people dropped at this blog using Google, 50 people by using Yahoo! search, and MSN by 13. 

So, you can understand any online entity like this blog cannot remain blind to those things that go with the Google’s mathematics that is dropping lot of people in this blog. Ranjit Sinha are you reading (he commented in the Browser War)! However, with the Google near monopoly in the internet world – market share in the year 2008 is 63.1%, 43.7% in 2007, 35% in 2006 and 29.2% in 2005 – it is pertinent for anybody from geek to greenhorn to at least know where we are heading towards. 

In its nascent stage the blog used to appear in Google’s fifth page results. Then for many months it swung between the second and the third page. And at last now for many months it is appearing in the Google’s first page, to be more appropriate first “fold”. Fold is number of times you scroll down to go at the bottom of a webpage. 

Appearing in the Google’s search first page, first fold is very important. First, since people start giving value, it is a prestige to appear first. Second, you automatically become the first choice in that particular niche. Third, a feeling of satisfaction seeps in you. 

How Google priorities its search results?

From the 200 signals that includes PageRank algorithm while prioritizing any site by Google, few are below mentioned.

(1) How frequently the site is updated? This is one important feature that Google see in the process of moving of site up and down. At this point, the blog has been lucky; the blog has been churning out content after content, hence it has fulfilled this condition.

(2) What is the link structure of the site? Another feature which is given great emphasis upon. Links in a website consist of inward and outward. Inward, you are linking within your site. Outward if the link goes to other sites. You can find the link of this blog in wikipedia and in many other sites. 

(3) How intelligently keywords are stuffed in contents? In this blog, the keyword is “Bishnupriya Manipuri” and this I have religiously followed. From November 9 to December 9 - 99 readers came using the keyword “Bishnupriya Manipuri”. So, you can see this is a big volume. 

Here I have cited three criteria on which Google mainly does its mathematics. There are lot more technical stuff. I think those naïve to the online world will at least get a primary knowledge, if I have been able to give an insight and understanding on this topic I will think that I have done my job! 

Hello Ranjit (sorry I am not adding with respect “Da”. Since I don’t know you are junior or senior to me. There are lots of friends with name Ranjit in my friends list)? Do comment. 

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