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Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Sadhu Thakur

By Ranita Sinha, Kolkata

Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Thakur, the great saint of the Bishnupriya Manipuri Community was born on 26th October, 1871, in a remote village of Cachar district called Baropua in the state of Assam. He was born to a Xatriya Manipuri family. His father Sri Sanatan Pandit was a Sanskrit teacher and mother Srimati Malati Devi, a house wife.

Sadhu Baba from his childhood was indifferent to all worldly happenings. He was engrossed in chanting the name of Lord Krishna. Along with other students of his age, Sadhu Baba started taking lessons of grammar and other spiritual literature from his father. At a very young age he lost his mother but he was brought up with utmost love and care by his step mother.

At the age of eighteen, Sadhu baba lost his father, so, to continue his spiritual education under the guidance of Rajpandit Mineshwas Swarbabhwam Bhattacherjee, he went to Tripura. But within one year he made up his mind to visit all the holy places and as such he took permission from his Guruji and set out to fulfill his desire. Within four years, with the grace of Lord Govinda, Sadhu Baba visited all the holy places and reached Vrindavana.

There he took Diksha from Shrila Krishnadas Vaivaigya Thakur. During his stay in Vrindavana, Sadhu Baba was loved and respected by all. Seeing his devotion towards Lord Krishna and the Bhagavat Gita, Sadhu Baba was given the title of ‘Thakur’ by his Guru at a meeting of the Vaishnavas.

Few years later sadhu Baba came to the dream land of Shri Radha Rani, Nawadeep. Here seeing his pure Vaishnav attire and his devotion towards Lord Krishna, Sadhu Baba was allowed to stay in Shri Govinda Mandir. There he led his life eating whatever little he had by begging. He stayed in the mandir and served the Lord for 25 long years and with the help of the Vaishnavas of different other communities Sadhu Baba accumulated eighty thousand rupees and renovated the Mandir with marble stone. There he had lots of pupils who came to learn about spiritual literature and his devotional songs were liked by all.

But there were some people who were against Sadhu Baba’s teachings and his devotional songs. But Sadhu Baba did not give up. He took help from the Pandits of Vrindavana and published a book named ‘Sri Sri Hariram Mongol’, where his teachings and devotional songs were said to be true. But still due to the rude behavior of the people who were against him, Sadhu Thakur one day decided to leave Nawadeep and proceed towards Vrindavana and was waiting in the railway station for the train.

At that time, Lord Krishna ordered Sri Krishna Dutta, a resident of Nawadeep, in his dreams to stop Sadhu Thakur from leaving Nawadeep. Sri Krishna Dutta went to the station and narrated the whole story to Sadhu Baba and brought him back and donated a piece of land and asked Sadhu Baba to establish Sri Sri Radha Krishna Mandir there. Later with the help of devotees that visited the mandir Sadhu Baba, within a short span of four years, established Shri Shri Radha Govinda Jew Mandir, popularly known as Govindobari. The Bishnupriya Manipuri Community also helped Sadhu Thakur a lot to establish the mandir.

On 17th July 1940, Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar sadhu Thakur left for heavenly abode while chanting the name of Lord Krishna, at the age of sixty nine. Till date the daily puja rituals of Sri Sri Radha Govinda Jew Mandir is done following the terms and conditions laid down by Sadhu Thakur.

Dear Reader these writing may not be upto the mark. It is just an effort from my part. It is a drop in the ocean. So, please feel free to point out any error so that it can be rectified.

Photo: Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Thakur by bipulsarma2003

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