Friday, 19 December 2008

It's never too late, a poem by Tridiv Sinha

By Tridiv Sinha, New Delhi

Young man comes to a metro city,
To become successful like his daddy.
Tell him not to end up messy,
Coz life's bitter, not that cozy.

He tries to materialize his dreams,
But is shattered by the heartless screams.
Tried putting small things in seams,
Thread is fragile, just like day-dreams.

He starts his life with a small job,
To save himself from tears and sob.
After one year of sweet - bitter lob,
People find him a foolish snob.

When he realizes what he became,
Only to find it too hard to tame.
In his path to gain money and fame,
He engulfs in quicksand of shame.

Now it's too late to turn back,
He suffered life's unforgiving smack.
Tell him it's never too late,
He can make his own fate.
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