Thursday, 4 December 2008

Stop Terrorism

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

The scale of audacity and brazenness shown on the part of terrorists and that’s in India, in Mumbai, like all of you, has kept my blood boiling. And it is still boiling. Like all of you, I am depressed listening, viewing, reading such attacks on the Indian soil innumerable times. The attack on the commercial city has perturbed me to the bone marrow. Like you, I don’t know how to react. I don’t have a medium through which I could ventilate my anger, my feelings. I doubt it is not mere anger and anguish; it is something concomitant of many feelings and say.

I have to still define what is going on in my mind. This is not anger, I know. Since if someone ask me any solution to stop such terrorist attacks in India. My answer wouldn’t be, “I will pump bullets into the chest of all terrorists”. Hence proved - I am not angry. I know this is not the solution to such menace. Literally I don’t have any solution to stop such incidents taking place in the nook and cranny of our country.

Vice-versa, if someone gives me the privilege to ask any question to the karta-darta of our nation and the world on this matter, I know, “I will not be asking anything?”. So what I am suffering from. Neither am I coming out with solutions nor with questions. I am NOT reactive but I am inert, absolutely inert – stable and calm.

Thanks to this blog, that I can define my tsunami of emotions that has stricken me since the day the news of Mumbai attack started percolating in the media. I found this is the best way by writing through which I could calm down my inner entropy.

I can’t see the ordeals that the security forces have to undergo to neutralize the situation. I can’t see funerals of martyrs killed in such incidents. I can’t see weeping, aggrieved people, who have lost their dear family members. I can’t see ravaged property, reminding me the incidents again and again. My mind has been etched countless times with many small and highly publicized terrorist attacks.

The attack on Mumbai has resurfaced the wounds that I have to undergo as a teenager in Kashmir. I remember when I first time saw on ZEE TV the images of Taliban pumping bullets on comrades, eyes blind-folded, I was not able to able to sleep, the images were haunting me for weeks. Unfortunately, I still see the same images on TV whenever Taliban is mentioned in media.

I had the same feeling that I am going through now when I saw in front of my eyes flower-clad military truck carrying dead officers and jawans of Indian forces in Kashmir. At that time, I had the feeling and perception and somewhere I still adhere to it in relation to Kashmir: all civilians are terrorists.

Now, I am not in Kashmir, I don’t go to school in security gears, nobody directs me where to go and how to go and what will be the modus operandi, I am a pure civilian and my reaction are like you, like a civilian. I don’t have solutions or questions, but there is a pain eating me.

And the pain is receding. It’s been one and half hour I have been writing this piece. I am cool now. There is no visible entropy capturing me. My blood has calmed down. I am feeling good ventilating whatever was going in my mind. But I am ending this piece with one hope that there lies a solution to the name called - Terror.


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