Thursday, 25 December 2008

NBMM extends helping hand to kin of city blast victims, Dec 2, The Assam Tribune

NGO extends helping hand to kin of city blast victims
Staff reporter
GUWAHATI, Dec 1 – So many deaths and so much bloodshed of the innocent – the saga of horror and destruction triggered by terrorists with international network is the same across the country. The pain at the loss of precious lives in terrorist attack is universal and hence the response of the common people has cut across geographical boundaries in an expression of solidarity to the families affected by terror attack.

On Sunday, when the State remembered fateful October 30 that left a trail of blood and destruction proving the casual attitude of the authorities to security matters, members of the Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha (NBMM), Western India region arrived at Hengarabari, the area that lost several lives in the Ganeshguri blast with words of consolation and financial assistance.

The members of the Mahasabha who reside in Mumbai visited some families of the blast victims and offered words of courage and hope, most necessary apart from the financial aid coming from different quarters.

The working president of the Mahasabha, RM Sinha while talking to The Assam Tribune said that whether it is Mumbai or Assam or Jaipur, the sufferings of victims of terror attack were the same and the Mahasabha, which was a socio-cultural organisation, will respond to the call of humanity.

“We got the news of the blasts in Assam within an hour of its occurrence, but it took us a month to reach Assam as it was difficult to get train reservation,” said Sinha.

The members of the Mahasabha had got the news of the blasts in Assam at the time when they were celebrating a festival in Pune. They were quick to act and collected money, in whatever amount it came at the spot of the celebration. Similarly other units of the Mahasabha in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore which were also celebrating the same festival collected money for the people of Assam.

“Our arrival is a reflection of the sentiments of the members of the Mahasabha. We are with the people of Assam and whole of India who are targeted by a group of fanatics let loose to create mayhem,” said Sinha. The Mahasabha has responded to the Mumbai terror strike also. “Our help is limited to offering consolation, arranging for blood and doing every bit to calm the ruffled souls,” said Sinha.
Courtesy: The Assam Tribune (December 2, 2008)

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