Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Time to engineer the Bishnupirya Manipuri Student Union

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

Leaders of a dynamic composite like the Students Union need people who are well versed with politics, economics, culture, literature and global happenings. We need student leaders who can deftly converse with a student or a bureaucrat or a politician across multi levels. We need student leaders who are not just good individuals but are also well qualified academically. Let us stop this voluntary ignorance. - Henryy Sinha in Seere Seere Shinglei, Kacha Rokot Sitadei

Yes. Let us stop this voluntary ignorance. Whoever is heading the defunct Student Union is not at fault. The mass of people, who are under the guidance and religiously follow him, if it is true, are more sinner than the person in the helm of the student affair. Unfortunately, the mere connotation “Student Union” has become a negative word. It instantly strikes in our mind negative images of nincompoop people calling strikes now and than.

It calls for image make over of the Student Union. Hence, it calls for change in guard of the people who are clinging themselves with such bodies. To be very frank, and honestly speaking, I don’t know the names of people who are in student politics. And there is reason of my ignorance: they are not visible; they are not being talked about. 

How pathetic for the community could be gauged from the fact that the great community like the Bishnupriya Manipuri is silently stepping into the second decade of the twenty-first century without any active participants in the student body. 

Those people whoever is reading this post would have gone swayed by the appeal and charisma of the US President-elect Barack Obama. And definitely would have swooned with Barack Obama, “Yes, we can”. He has become the manifestation of the dreams of the US people and all over the world. And this can be translated to us as well. 

Can’t we have a “little Barack Obama” in the community? Can’t we have the guy who is a man of thought and a man of action, who is clear-headed at local, national and international issues? And who can gleefully bind us amongst all differences to a common goal and betterment to all of us. 

Someone who have minutely tracked the US election and the triumphant advent of Barack Obama would agree that he is having an impeccable knowledge of economics (John McCain failed here), technology (Google CEO Eric Schmidt supported him), Finance (former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker was also beside him) and not to mention politics. He instantly built up a common chord in the divided US electorates.

You would be asking – why am I writing the qualification of the US President? Yes, I also agree there is a difference this is not a place to write upon him. But the persons whether in the US or in the villages of Bishnupriya Manipuri villages are human being like you and me. Like you and me we cherish for the person who infuses in us an energy that can be driven for a purpose, and absolutely not mere eyewash purpose. 

For this is to happen, we have to stem our voluntary ignorance. I don’t know why I am so optimistic I see the prevailing ignorance is receding. I feel in the enlightened community like us there is a little Barack Obama. I am damn sure about it. 

However, before I recede, a request whoever is holding the post in the student union, please step down and set an example, an example that you were instrumental bringing the change. Before the soul of our community – the student body starts stinking. The great Bishnupriya community can’t rely upon one person or group of persons. Time to engineer the Bishnupirya Manipuri Student Union.

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