Thursday, 18 December 2008

Empowerment of women is a slow process

By Tridiv Sinha, New Delhi

The following words are not diplomatic. Please don’t take me as a male chauvinist person, all I am trying to put forward is the naked truth and people might get offended here. If this article has passed the moderator, I think there’s some why you should read it too.

The kind of society ideal people is looking for, where women will be considered equal to men is an ideal case. Not a real one. Not possible until there is a huge biological change in physical form. Not possible until women are equal in strength compared to men. By strength, I mean both population and physical strength. This is an old jungle rule and no one can deny it. Having said that, I would want to put forward another fact - human beings are mammals. Now, what separates a mammal from other organisms? The mammary glands, which they use to feed the young ones. This creates a strong bond between the mother and the offspring. The bond between a mother and the offspring is much more than that with the father. This happens due to two main reasons –

(1) The offspring stays in its mother’s womb for a specific period of time before getting (birth, depending on the species. In this period, the offspring used nutrition from the mother’s body to survive. The father has no significant role in this process.

(2) After getting born, the mother’s mammary glands act as the nutrition provider. Again, the father has no significant role in it.

This rule stands strong for almost every species including Human beings. Many wild animals or pet animals in mammals’ don’t have the involvement of the male gender in bringing up the new ones. Since human beings are intelligent and civilized, the father cares for his son or daughter so that his gene pool carries on to the next generation. This phenomenon may be seen in a species of rodents – The Lemmings. Lemmings commit mass suicide to make room for the coming generation. They want the coming generations to survive and sacrifice their own lives.

The selfish genes play an important role here which is predominant in human beings. This explains the reason why siblings care for each other. It does not act as some will, but an automatic choice. The gene urges the individual to sacrifice himself so that his sibling may survive, in other words the gene may survive.

The above facts may look irrelevant to this article, but they do play an important part and we will admit in due course of time. The bond between the mother and the offspring is much stronger than the father. So, almost all animals have the custom where the mother cares for the young ones until they become self dependent. Human beings are civilized, but they can not break nature’s rule properly. We are governed by nature’s rules. Even though the father plays an important role, the mother is more involved. So, it is seen that the mother cares for the family and home and the father works for providing food and shelter. Now, if we analyze the physical strengths of a male and female body, we come to the conclusion that male body is stronger. In early societies, man used to go hunting and the woman took care of the family. So, this custom carried on.

Analyze the population now. The number of males is always greater than females. Since females are less in population in any place, they are not safe from attacks from males. The ratio of male to female at night time staying outside home is again too high. This is a vicious circle which eats up anything that works for the development of status of woman.

Let me explain it. Until there are equal number of males and females in any place, one can not expect equal status to woman in that place. Until woman feel safe, how they can equal the number of males in any place? This reduces the pace with which the women empowerment activities should work.

It seems like males enjoy physical relationships more than females do, at least males are more aggressive. The females are the victims in physical abuses by males. This is another reason why females are not safe outside home and thus reduces the number of females to work.

The final reason is somewhat related to females. Women tend to attract men with their beauty. It is a known fact that a woman devotes more time in caring to look beautiful than a man does. In this process, woman actually surrenders to the man. One can understand what I am saying if he reads the books by Taslima Nasrin. I have taken the final reason from her ideas. It is the females who dig their own graveyard.

In conclusion, I would like to say that as far as woman doesn’t go a huge change in physical form and strength; the empowerment of women will be a slow process.

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