Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Increase General Knowledge of Bishnupriya Manipuri

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

What will you call a person who inadvertently thinks anything related to the community is detrimental, not his cup of tea (definitely in respect to job) and it is not-ripe time to involve? What is the problem with him/ her – is the natural question, you ask yourself? Same here I feel when I ask some knowledgeable friends of mine to write (very few)/ receive SMS (too many) for this blog. 

They are carrying notion, pre-conceived though, in their mind, I say. 

Something that is very common to all their response, sometimes come in veiled and very rare – openly, is that they don’t want to keep in touch with anything related to the community: it is too early to be associated with such so-called activities. They say. 

Now, coming to me – I feel so proud and deep inside content that my understanding on the community and “inter-alia” knowledge is increasing. I just don’t do my job and come to home; and I don’t follow the dreaded routine. Just writing on the blog has taught me many things. 

I am treading on those topics that I would not have ever thought of. The once- boring, highly detestable business newspapers, government reports, now, I find it interesting and enlightening. I find the figures and statistics dear to my heart. The revelation that a community is not a static entity but an organic, ever-changing, cohesively related microcosm is something that I wouldn’t have understood if I have remained cosy to my journalistic domain – politics and human interest stories. That is what Indian newspapers are based upon, colonial legacy. 

Now coming to those who shirk off even to receive an SMS that begins with “bishnupriyamanipuri” with complete set of inconceivable ruse is something I am not able to digest. I try my best to read their mind but somewhere I feel they are carrying a water-tight compartment believing that a community like Bishnupriya Manipuri is not linked to any activities of life, nation, and economics. They are failing to understand if they are tracking developments in Delhi, Bangladesh, Kashmir, or anything of their choice; there is no harm to at least keep a tab on the activities taking place in the community they belongs to. 

Rest, I find solace with the mere thought that people of our clan in Bangladesh definitely has come to know more about us staying in Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai and Silchar. They could make a clear mind map in general about us. 

Another recent incident that had brought smile in my face when one of my friend whom I literally took him in the other fence, after receiving SMS for more than one month, on Sunday started giving advice on how to run the blog. I find – he has changed. He talks about the community. He discusses on the importance of being in a community. 
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