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RK Rishikesh Sinha

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The invention of necessity is "Bishnupriya Manipuri Online Bundle".

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Saturday, 22 December 2012


22 Dec. 2012 Deepak Singha: The 143rd Abirbhav Tithi of Sri Sri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur was solicited at Ningthoukhong in Manipur. This is the first time the Tithi of Sri Sri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur was celebrated in the heart soul of Manipur. The celebration was observed on 11th December 2012 with rasakirtan headed by P. Krishna Kumar Singha. A meeting was held under presidentship of Kh. Nabakumar Singha, Ningthoukhong. Notable speakers included state president of Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha Kh. Nabakumar Singha and centra vice president P. Rakeswar Singha. The meeting was addressed by Sri A.S Gautham President of BMSS and Mrs. Sefali Singha Chairperson of Mingal Mahila Mancha. The meeting attended by Sri Th. Tompak Singha and Sri Rabindra Singha. The young member of BMDC Sri Mrinal Kanti Singha inaugurated the meeting with song of Sadhu Thakur in Bishnupriya language.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012




In fact I would like to place certain truth prevailing in the different community people of rural areas and due to lack of unity in them, their position in the politics has become a big zero. Without further explanation on the issue I would  like to come to the points and reality, which will substantiate where the community people stands politically.

All of us are aware Members of the Zila Parishad are nominated from Gaon Panchayat area and those elected members form the Zila Parishad. Incidentally, during the last election January in the year 2008, both  the leading political party namely Indian National Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party has put up their candidate for Zila Parishad. Member who are belonging to  Municipal Area,  namely  Dhurbajyoti Gupta and Meenakshi Das while Mr. Gupta was a elected member of  Silchar Municipal Board,  Meenakshi is a permanent resident of  Ambicapatty area of word No.26,  to include their name in Voter list of  GP area they have adopted certain technique, which was applied for our Hon'ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohon Singh while nominated in Rajya Sabha from Assam and thereby depriving the political career of  an individual Congress candidate of Assam. In that election, BJP candidate got elected as there were three candidate from congress. 

In the eyes of the political parties inhabitant of rural areas are useless. And because of their disunity active members of the respective parties they have failed to lodge any complaint to the party High Command for the irregularity. Especially, it is being noticed in the Bishnupriya Community in large and their every day  tussle in the group are being focused in the local DAILY by conducting  Press Conference,  it indicates that they are very much eager to make aware the other community people about their dis-unity in the community.  It has been observed they are very less interested to make their own position in political platform. It is needless to mention that after a decade i.e., after Late Nanda Kishore Singha and Late Pulakeshi Sinha in the year 2006,  Mr. Kartik Sena Singha got elected in the Assam Assembly,  but it is matter of  great regret that during the last election he lost the election with a margin of  4000 votes and as per the report published in the local daily he lost the election due to non casting of vote by his own community people as he himself made rival group in the community by occupying the Chairmanship of Bishnupriya Manipuri Development Council, which has ultimately divided the Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha again as it was happened in the year 1987 so. It is not at all giving a good message to the new generation people, it simply indicates that those blood is still prevailing in our bloods, hence history has been repeated.

We should change our thought, we should give up the groupism, we should try to be united, we should think of  occupying some higher position in the political platform. Let us try to recognize the good work done by any individual, let he or she be from a very poor family and not having a very good background. Let us decide our “Mission” as it is the most important thing, without any Mission an organization cannot be successful. In this regard,  we would like to mention that the most easiest thing in the world is to find fault on others and the most tough thing to find one's own fault. It is fact that a robber while go for robbery he prays to almighty so that he can make the robbery without any trouble, as per his thought he is not doing anything wrong. If he could have realize about the consequence of the robbery, he would not have gone for the same.  Similarly, our community leaders who are leading different groups and fighting among themselves are all doing the right thing as per their own assessment and are unable to realize how they are darkening the future of their own community. No one is eager to make favourable position in the political platform, they are busy to fight within the community. It is the right time to analyse their own position and get united so that they can at least  elect a  Zila Parishad Member.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Ajikar diney...Bishnupriya Manipuri Samajor Unnotir Poth’ego, kumpeit thail’go?

Rebat Mohan Sinha 

Bahumukhi pratibha somponno, Bishnupriya Manipuri samajor jatiya adorsho Geetiswami Gokulananda girokor116 tomo janma jayanti utsov’e, ebosor nijore yeoukore nuaria jobor anutopto. 9,000 km dureit(Australia) thaya hudda bhogoban’orang prarthana kore parouri je utjaapon committee’e e’bosor alochanar ‘‘mukto moncho’`agor ayujon ahan koresi, ouhanor sofol kamona koria, mor torophetto proshno koto’han sabha`hanor yathang`lo thona monaurita.

Dui’doshok’or goje oil andolan koria 2012’t aya matte gelega dabi-daba habi peilang. Imar thaar’han peilaang, bhasha shikshokor niyukti oil. BMDC’go peilang, Assam sarkar’e alada serial’e backward jat’han bulia amar BM naang ehanore lipi`boddha koredilo, Radio/TV’t BM programor sujuk peilang. Bhasha’han mimut onar pothe bulla, ouhanou phara’dosha`han katiya gelga para : 2001 baro 2011’r census’e Bharat Sarkar’e Bishnupriya bhasha’ehanore Bharator 100’han ‘non-scheduled’ bhashar ahan bulia gonyo koria, Gazette’e(sarkari sambad’potrot) prakash korese. Amarta andolan koril’taate aar kittau neyoil’nai, “Idle`s mind is devil`s workshop”. Ebaka amarta kaam kita aate neoil hante podobi baro upadhi bilanit lagesi. ( Jatir janak, Geetaratna, living legend, ityadi)

Mukto moncho’got mor proshno prostuti’hani esade...... 

  1. 2001’e Imar thar`han peya ami ouhanore palon-poshan kore paresita? Orthat 52’go school’e amar sou huttumeou pakor’tarata? Samajor kuno sanstha’ahane/BMDC’e record kita thoseta? Je sansthahaniye ‘ami bhasha’han aanlang’ bulia dabi kortara outai 10 bosor goje jitega peya kia ghumjiya thaisita? Amarang kuno mulyaon koril jontro aseta? Jetalo gelga 10 bosore koti’han thar`hanor unnati oil ouhan mouanirka? 
  2. Bhasha shikshok niyuktir porey, tanur loge kuno formal yari-pori ahan kita osilta,sou’e kisade kita pakortara bulia kuno khabar kita ami loilangta? 
  3. BMDC’r kormo kortar loge kuno kale samajor baithok kita ahan osilta? Orthat samaj progotirka kuno long ba short term planning’or(blue print) bebostha oseta?
  4. Assam sarkare amare(BM’re) OBC bulani okorlota bakka bosor ahanor goje oil; kintu kendriya sarkare kia ebakaou amare OBC”t talikabhukto na’korerta? Sanstha’etai kita bultarata ?
  5. Radio/TV’t progarmorka amarang kuno nidrishto plan program aseta? 

Esade onek proshno korilta aase kintu; uttor dekura nei. ‘Oronye rodhan’ koria labh kita?. 

Mor likhito bhashone hurkaang pou’ehan sabha’hanat phou’koril hotna’ahan.......Samaj ahanore palkortega khula mon`lo, progotisheel chinta bhavnalo, ami aag’baarik. Aji Geetiswami girokore ningshing onar ortho’han oiltai manur loge manur atmiyota(relation) jordar korani. Bipodey apodey agore agoi pang`lak korik...............ehan partangaita? Jai Guwahatibasi Jai Ima Bishnupriya.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Meingal illuminates faces of unsung talents


Post Bureau, Guwahati (Dec 9): Four luminaries who adorned the dais at the Meingal Exemplary Talent Awards 2012 and Meingal Bishishto Shilpi Puroskar 2012, two from either sex, gave a mixed message to the community members to achieve excellence in various fields at a function that continued till late night on Saturday in Guwahati.
Meingal Exemplary Talent 2012 Awardees
Meingal is a Guwahati-based NGO that extends scholarships (prizes) and awards to students and artistes. While writer Prabhas Kanti Sinha made a fervent appeal to the youth of the Bishnupriya Manipuri community to opt for competitive examinations under the UPSC and various other civil service examinations in states instead of their stereotyped choice for engineering and medical courses as career options, Tezpur University professor and short-story writer Smriti Kumar Sinha appealed to the youths to accept all odds and hurdles in their progress as challenges if they are to achieve excellence in their respective fields.
While SAO, FTR SSB Anjali Sinha showered praise on those parents, including her own, who toiled to extend all facilities to their girl children for education in the early and mid-yestercentury when the community members had not encouraged women education, retired State Council of Educational Research and Training, Assam director Kumkum Sinha showered praise on Meingal for its endeavour to extend prizes to a number of students and honour to unsung artistes by throwing light in their faces in recognition to their excellence in various fields.
Citing a report published in one of the issues of Manipuri, a magazine, in 1939 in which one Doyamoy Singha had appealed to the Bishnupriya Manipuri community members to rid themselves of too much influence of Brahmins so as to adopt themselves with the changing world, writer Col (retd) Bijay Sinha questioned the rationale behind the community members welcoming esalpas (Bishnupriya Manipuri kirtanango singers) who could not sing songs in their mother tongue ever after over 60 years of independence.
Bishnupriya Manipuri Writers’ Forum president Dils Lakshmindra Sinha laid emphasis on creating an atmosphere conducive for literary development in the community. Meanwhile, a live painting by Shakti K Sinha stole the show.
He painted without using any brush at the tune of melodious Manipuri flute played at the staccato of Manipuri khul. Among the host of students and artistes awarded, two editors of Bishnupriya Manipuri magazines – Anjana Sinha of Nua Dristi, Guwahati (BM and Assamese) and Anita Sinha of Kakei, Tripura – were felicitated for their life-time dedication in the field of journalism.
Khulist Mani Sinha, esalpa Adhir Sinha, duhar (dancer) Ajit Sinha, artist Shakti K Sinha, folk singer Priti Sinha, Rajdhari Kalamai Sinha (Kapoksena Sinha), Sushila Sinha (social work), Chandralekha Sinha (social work), and others were awarded by the NGO. The function concluded with a cultural programme by folk artiste (lyricist) Chandrakanti Sinha who brought in singers from Bangladesh, Tripura and Assam.

Bishnupriya Manipuri bodies demand dissolution of Development Council


Special Correspondent

SILCHAR, June 9: Various Bishnupriya Manipuri bodies in a joint memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister of Assam and submitted through the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar have demanded dissolution of the Bishnupriya Manipuri Development Council on grounds of large scale corruption and irregularities in the utilization of government grants-in-aid of Rs 10 crore provided to the Council during 2010-11 by the Government of Assam. They also demanded its reconstitution with the members of the social organizations of repute for welfare of the community and for the sake of fairness and transparency in its functioning.

The memorandum alleged that there have been allegations from the people of the community against the Council which has not been constituted properly. The very constitution of the committee for Development Council, it has been pointed out, has not been done in consultation with the executive heads of Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha, the parent organization. Instead, the proposal for the issuance of notification of the committee has been signed by some ex office-bearers of the organization in flagrant violation of the laid down procedure.

Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha, Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Students’ Union, Bishnupriya Manipuri Gana Sangram Parishad, Bishnupriya Manipuri Women’s Organizations, Bishnupriya Manipuri Sahitya Sabha, Bishnupriya Manipuri Samaj Sanstha, Bishnupriya Manipuri Ex-Servicemen’s Organization and Bishnupriya Manipuri Andolan Parishad are the recognized social organizations on the forefront of all movements of the community and talks with the Government of Assam. 

Unfortunately, the representatives of these organizations have not been invited or taken into confidence in the process of forming the committee. It has been further alleged that such irregularities have been done at the behest of the then MLA of Patharkandi constituency, Kartik Sena Sinha with the malafide intention of getting the benefit of the post of chairman for himself.

The memorandum lists specific instances of how there has been large scale corruption in the utilization of government grants-in-aid of Rs 10 crore in violation of the standing instructions and guidelines. It has been in respect of the grants-in-aid in agriculture, public works department and veterinary sectors. In the name of income generating schemes and distribution of auto rickshaws and sewing machines. Allegation is that commission money from the beneficiaries have been collected through the office-bearers of the committee irregularly constituted. Though the beneficiaries under the scheme should be from BPL families, the norms have been flouted. The selection has been done arbitrarily. Beneficiaries selected also from affluent families, it has been pointed out.

Around 100 of the 196 beneficiaries selected for sewing machines belong to rich families, the memorandum alleged. Their names have also been furnished along with the representation. Even, some of the names listed for benefits under other schemes like SHG are fake. A detailed inquiry with physical verification will reveal the truth. Disbursement of financial assistance to clubs and institutions, it has been alleged, involves large scale irregularities. No utilization certificates and actual payee receipts of the beneficiaries have been furnished when sought for by the bodies under RTI Act 2005. Neither advertisements have been made in local dailies for inviting applications for selection of beneficiaries under the schemes as pointed out earlier.

Dr Debendra Kumar Sinha, president of Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha, has pointed out that huge sums of money under grants-in-aid provided by the government have been siphoned off. This has been brought to the notice of the department of WPT and BC through series of representations and staging protest demonstrations in front of the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar, but there has been no response. It is not only intriguing but also mysterious. The memorandum has been submitted in anticipation that immediate action will be initiated to probe all the documented allegations for remedial measures.

Courtesy: The Sentinel
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