Saturday, 27 December 2008

Delhi Mahila Samity: answer back the looming negativity

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

Newton's first law of motion:

An object at REST tends to stay at REST and an object in MOTION tends to stay in MOTION with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

The same century-old law of motion can be read out like this: People at REST tend to stay at REST unless acted upon by an external force. 

Or in plain English: Old habits die hard. 

Why all this universal law and proverb? Because there are souls among us who are adamant to stem any growth as such taking place around them. They are negative, pessimistic in their approach towards life, towards their brethren. They want to remain at absolute REST, and they hate to change coming to motion.

The story goes back to the day when 120 strong Bishnupriya Manipuri people living in Delhi and NCR region assembled on 21 December, 2008 and were celebrating get-together meeting for the first time at picture-perfect location at Najafgarh. One middle-age person in the midst of the crowd was busy in whispering that all the exercise to form a Mahila Samity would go in vain. His reason: people in the helm of Nagarik Samity are not united. So there is no possibility that the exercise of forming Mahila Samity will be successful. 

One thing that was not clear - was his version a challenge to prove the womenfolk or mere a negative statement, or mere expressing his real scratched soul? Anything that may be, but his whispering had a stink. Underestimating the women assembled, and the women who agreed to participate in the Mahila Samity. All were put to shame with the same brush: averse to change. 

Fine, he has a doubt about the success of the women in the new Samity. To prove that what he says is correct and must be taken into consideration, can’t he come out with the ten-solid reasons about why the whole effort would go in air. And what are the measures that should be taken to skip its failure - the most important aspect? But the person in question has to put his say, and he said, eloquently (though not in public). 

Even he doesn’t come out solutions. He must have the latent tendency to at least appreciate the effort, and should have congratulated the women and give some helpful tips. But sorry, nothing had happened. No congratulations, no blessings. It seems women have been sent to battlefront with hands tied behind their back with clear instruction not to fire. If this is the scenario, it is damn sure they will be killed and the whole operation will come to jeopardy, so the fate of Mahila Samity. 

The Mahila Samity needs support from all and sundry. This must be the attitude of all the Bishnupriya Manipuri reading this article. They must be seen with respect and not with squint eyes. Let us change ourselves to welcome such changes. Let us not remain in REST. With all said and done, it is to be seen how the present women in the Mahila Samity and the rest outside answers to such prevailing negativity. 
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