Tuesday, 30 December 2008

raftaar.com - a hindi language based search engine

A search engine with difference is raftaar.com. What is all about this search engine? It is a Hindi language based search engine. This is what when you google ‘raftaar.com’, you get - रफ़्तार से हिन्दी की सभी तरह की वेब साईटों पर खोजना सम्भव है। So with this search engine, Hindi language based websites will be accessible which, unfortunately, were not part of the burgeoning search engine market very lately.

The advent of the search engine ‘raftaar.com’ will definitely give a breathing space to the site owners who cater its content in the Hindi language. At least their content will be indexed, and will be recalled in the search results.

Good thing about this search engine is that as you type into the search box, raftaar.com guesses what you’re typing and offers suggestions in real time. This feature is similar to the Google Suggest tool which is still in the Google laboratory. The feature throws to you alternative spellings for your query.

One more feature which is worth of mentioning is the Hindi alphabet table just below the search box. This will definitely help, one those who are not fluent with hindi-typing and, second, to those who would love to go instantly with the exact results.

Though it is not confirmed how many web pages the search engine has indexed so far, and what are their quality. And what is the modus-operandi in churning out the results. But it is big step to lease life in the hindi language domains.

Last, and not the least, the search engine if one compares with the giant of internet Google, this would be unfair. At least at the present time. The search engine has to go a long way to come near Google search.
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