Thursday, 11 June 2009

Is Ministry of External Affairs listening?

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

Are you applying for a new Passport, don’t believe on the Booklet that comes with the Passport Application Form. This is what Verification Officials sitting at the respective Passport Office will make you feel. For a moment they will make you wonder - are you illiterate who have not been able to decipher the simple text: statements of running bank account.

This is one among the documents that is required to furnish your present proof of residence. You go taking the bank statements of your private bank, it will not be entertained; they will ask for nationalized bank statement.

And if you ask for an explanation, you will receive a parrot-answer: Don’t interpret it to your wish. After your application being rejected, if you question up the so-called higher – up officials, don’t expect a miraculous solution from them. They will again give the same often-repeated answer.

Not satisfied! If you show them up the Verification Certificate which you have got signed by persons mentioned in the Application Form cum Booklet. They will not heed to the prestige and power the person concerned wield in Government. They do not understand that the person who is putting up a stamp of approval by providing his signature and Government’s Identity Card is also risking his life.

The question is not about accepting and rejecting Application Form from eager applicants. The question is about the Booklet which mentions do’s and don’t while filling in the complex Application Form.

Where the Booklet goes to the extent of clarifying where to put comma and fullstop, how the exhaustive Booklet remain silent on this key document. Can’t they add a word “nationalized” in “statements of running (nationalised) bank account”?

Interestingly, if you question about adding the word “nationalised” in the Booklet. So that applicants come prepare with their documents. The answer that you will receive is: ask the government to change the text.

Is Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, listening?

If you have faced similar experience of rejection, do share here.

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