Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Let us help each other

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

Two weeks back, I received a call from an insurance agent. Like those who hate to receive calls in office time, I said, “I don’t need policy-wolicy, if possible give me money, avail me money”. 

The person at the other end knowing I am not the nut which he can crack, in a polite voice said, “Sir, are you from Assam, are you Manipuri?” Hearing his query, my voice iced and I said “Yes”. He immediately transferred the call to a person. He said, “Are you Manipuri”. “Yes, I am Bishnupriya Manipuri”. “Dada…”. The policy agent came out to be a Bishnupriya Manipuri. 

Not wasting his time, I said “Don’t worry, you come to my home but don’t talk to me in office, you drop in my home with all papers and documents”. 

He dropped in my home on this Sunday. 

Now what is the point of telling all this here in the blog. What I have done on this Sunday? There is a point. First, the 20 something age Bishnupriya Manipuri boy was not in financial terms literate. Second, we both exchanged services. That was beneficial for both. 

Let me come to the first point. I asked him couple of questions like where the money will go, where it will be invested, what is the basis of investment, what are the financial instruments through which the money will be routed in the finance stream, most important how I could come to know the present value of my insurance? Simply to check him can he be referred to my colleagues and his knowledge on finance? 

Sorry, he did not know the life cycle of the money that I will be pouring in the stream through him. He was more eager to insure me than knowing these questions. 

He was simply doing his job – selling insurance. Not knowing the overview of the whole system. 

Now the crux – of course it applies to me as well – let us hone our skill and try to understand things in bigger scale. If the blog is running on the internet, I must have the overview of the whole internet world, and the minutiae on which the blog is afloat. Perhaps with the understanding of the complexities of content and distribution. Start thinking, it is very complex. 

Next comes the exchange of services that we both did. Yes, I loved the services that we both exchanged. It was a helping hand from both of us. I helped him. He helped me. 

So, I say if you are in a position to book flights from your office or for your personal use, do use any of the travel Yatra link in this blog. I will be helped; the blog will get a helping hand from all of you. 

I use this link to book flight tickets from my office. Good thing, one of my Bishnupriya Manipuri friends uses this link to book flights ticket for his office travel. Irony I didn’t know him and he knows the blog only.

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