Thursday, 29 January 2009

Is it right time for our social organizations to go online?

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

Why our Bishnupriya Manipuri social organisation in Delhi, Pune, Kolkata and Silchar are not launching an independent site? – is one question that runs in the minds of many of us. 

No doubt, once upon a time there used to exist a site Mahasabha on the internet. But unfortunately, it doesn’t exist now. When it was live, it used to appear in the first page of Google in the search word “Bishnupriya Manipuri”.

If someone put me a question - is it the right time to go with an online presence of our social organization? My answer would be “Yes” and also “No”.

“Yes”. Because…

(1) The site would function as an official site of all the organizations irrespective of area and country. A big achievement in itself!

(2) For any issues - regional and international, and developments, the web site would come as a mouthpiece of the Bishnupriya Manipuri community.

(3) The web site would be in due course of time chronicle the history of the community.

(4) It will bind the Bishnupriya Manipuri people living all over the world. No one will feel remote. It will bring sense of belongingness in all of us.

(5) Payment transfer of donation would be easier.

“No”. Because…

(1) Who will be responsible for the maintenance of the web site? A big question! And more important - Who will own the site?

(2) Logistic support is one that is still in grey area. Who will be responsible to collate information in text, photo and video from different areas?

(3) Who will take a final take on the information that will go live?

(4) Who will build up the web site? And what will be the fund for the project?

(5) What will be the mode of payment for donation? There are free and costs involved payment gateway.

(6) What will be the look and feel of the web site? Will it be like government web site or commercial web site?

(7) Now, when many blogs and web sites are running, what is the use of creating another online entity?

(8) Are we in hurry to create a place in internet? What are our objectives and goals going online?

Like these, there exist many issues that have to be addressed before the social organizations go online. But these are minor but important issues! 
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