Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Learn foreign languages; job prospects are good, says Biswajit Sinha

Be different! Be smart! Choose your career where people are not giving attention. And the career, that comes in this bracket, moreover we are genetically programmed, according to Biswajit Sinha, a New Delhi-based businessman-is learning of foreign languages. 

Our young boys and girls must explore the opportunities that lie ahead in the job market that are available in the foreign languages, said Biswajit Sinha. He added, the job profile is lucrative, skill-based, with killing exposure. They will be rubbing shoulders with big-shots people in the field of business and politics. Hence it will bring marked change in their perception towards life and the world; consequently to our society, he opined. 

After the completion of the course, students can work as a translator/ interpreter, or in the teaching profession. Services of the translator/ interpreter are extensively used in travel agency and also in hotel industry. They may also go for freelancing in the language. 

It is to be mentioned Biswajit Sinha is a businessman who ventured into business with no on-hand experience, that too in the pre-liberalisation era in 90s’, call it in the inspector-raj. Very different from the way today’s businesses are being done in India. An engineer by education, who has broken his milk teeth in business, started his career with manufacturing of television sets in the mid 80s’ at Silchar, Assam. He went through all crests of troughs of business cycle that a business man has to undergo. 

The confident voice of Biswajit Sinha said the opportunities that the city provides having offices of all the countries should be utilized. Many countries do carry out free to paid foreign language classes. Bishnupriya Manipuri students coming from Assam and Tripura, or else from any part of the country, should start thinking on this new exciting career that the city has to offer. 

So, readers perpetuate this message to your relatives, friends, they should take a note on this career avenues – their FUTURE IS BRIGHT. 

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Bishnupriya Manipuri

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