Friday, 16 January 2009

Definitely, we will take a big leap

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

With the launching of the site by my friends – BN Sinha, Jyotirmoy Sinha and Henryy Sinha – if there is one person who is eternally happy, it is me. The news of the launch swept me like a fatherly figure. Bit perturbed on the questions – how do they will carry out the job, will they be responsible to the undertaken job, are they equipped enough to manage a site which seems simple from front but it is not - were barrage of emotions consuming me? After all they started their journey of writing from this blog. You know this. 

But, at the bottom of the turbulence was lying extreme contentment that the very idea of establishing this blog has started showing. Now, people are discussing, talking, collaborating, and mining information about the community. That’s what the blog wished for - transforming the Bishnupriya Manipuri tag to become a living brand. Also, to trigger in the so-called urban Bishnupriya Manipuri people, who were just swinging between job and home - to brainstorm about people, and only for people? And they did it, what the blog has always aspired for. 

The word “writers”, “authors” which were nowhere in our common parlance, thanks to the site, will become household words. They have been put in great demand. The writers have to think in-and-out what to write next. They will be delving on how to cater their idea, and all those exercise that writers usually go through. This is what - empowering the greenhorn writer – to think and polish his/ her ideas and skills. I will say, a portfolio of writers will be created. 

Now, comes the owner Jyotirmoy Sinha, he has to manage the site. Managing a site is very complex. It has got endless angles. He has to see, envision the site for the present, and for the future. I hope he will fulfill his dream to conquer a space in the cyber world for the Bishnupriya Manipuri people. 

Many readers would be thinking – why this blog is not adding ‘org’, ‘in’, ‘com’ and other endings to it? Let me explain, I have lot of time given thought on dropping ‘blogspot’, but I found this will not add anything substantial and concrete to this. If required, within an hour’s time, this can be added. But, for a moment think, tomorrow when you come here “Will you see any change in the DNA of this blog?” No, you will not find any change. 

“Definitely, the blog will take a big leap” I say. For the time being, still the blog has not flexed many of "technical" things; it is almost 50 % muscles are lying idle and are not being given stimuli-tweaking, it will remain as it is. It is your own, your extended family member. Add to it, other infrastructures are not placed in order. When I say “infrastructure”, I do mean a lot. 

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