Thursday, 26 January 2012

Republic Day with a Northeast Thought


Happy Republic Day

Today we are celebrating the spirit of Sovereign and Independent India. Every year we celebrate it on Republic Day but the present scenario in the Northeastern states gives a setback. The growing gap between the people of neighbouring states of the region is creating more alienation weakening the true fabric of India.

The creation of states was to fulfill the aspirations of different ethnic groups of the region but the first casualty has been the resultant gaping between the hearts. The political set-ups in the region, in the form of states, are seemed to institutionalize this gap and failed to create an understanding, a feeling of welfare and strengthen the affinity. However, there has always been a considerate gap on the line of ethnicity and geography, which had  been accepted with a mark of respect and tolerance but there was no distance among hearts. This gap has now become a social and psychological distance and gradually taking a concrete shape.

Despite rich and connected history of the communities in the region, people have complete alienation of the other. They have a fragmented, fractured, fuzzy vision to their neighbour and to the whole region. Hiren Gohain has rightly asserted that we have to overcome the barriers that inhibit us to understand and appreciate the other who are our neighbours.

Ironically, where the region doesn’t give an opportunity and a platform to bring the people together, it is the capital of India that brings together people from this region by shedding barriers. One will find a Naga sharing room with an Assamese! It is not the sharing of space; it is sharing of common beliefs and strengthening of the neighbourhood affinity.

If the gap is not diminished, the very foundation of our Constitution that gives a framework with Rights and Privileges to the People of India would be weakened and the Nation India would not be able to live up to its true essence and ideals. If the common people of the states would not come forward with the spirit of sisterhood with respect and tolerance overcoming the myopic vision, one cannot think of a better tomorrow.

We have to bring a northeast thought aiming at a prosperous and strong region, hence consolidating the strength of India and the spirit of Indianness.
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