Saturday, 14 January 2012

Adding Fuel to Fire

BN Sinha

I wish to extend many thanks to Mr B P sinha for such an unbiased piece of depiction of the history (Read History Repeats Itself). Few points to applaud which are more than truth, that division is in our DNA and jealousy is an integral inherited character for the people of this community.

Sometime I wonder , in a poorest of poor community like ours where we are still struggling for our identity and existence when rest of the world is fearing an extinction of human civilisation.. why are we still love to be engrossed with cheap and malicious activities?.. why can’t we digest neighbours success? If we introspect, I am sure we will find hell lot of malign particles in the DNA of every individual of this community.

I wonder, is it because of the rotten black shit like material we are dying to consume every day meal .. I know, I am sounding something very erratic but I assume traditionally our human character are like those we are practiced to eat as favorites like Longchak...

Why do we always like which stinks and give a rotten odor ???

Coming to the point of NBMM, it was bound to a split and it was a long time due.. because the people who took control after the big division of seventies had misused their positions and were very active and instrumental to bring many unethical and malignancy into the community.

Any organisation needs a periodical change in order to maintain its decorum and sanctity and also for proper and transparently productive implementation of work. And there must be some time bound objectives to be performed and implemented. But in case of NBMM people are holding portfolios for decades like theirs characters.. as if both are made for each other.. Ridiculous!!

And ancient leaders who are now counting their last days.. are still not able to relinquish their beloved character of separatism and dirty politics instead of doing some divine chants.

A fresh assemblage of educated people with urban mindset is the need of the hour who should be given control of NBMM or BMDC to get rid of the spiteful and sick attitude of the sitting dicks.

Moreover it is certainly a matter of surprise why do NBMM necessarily need to be involved in every matter or activity by any other individual or an organization in the community?

When NBMM could not be able to applaud and honor legends like Dr Kali Prasad Sinha just for the reason that he did not support few people’s idiosyncratic values and opted for an open minded coterie, its leadership undoubtedly shown their chauvinistic attitude also by propagating defamatory remarks for Dr K P Sinha.

Nonetheless, there are definitely a few can be found with the organizations even NBMM or BMDC who may be legitimately having a fair and ethical approach but their ideas are suppressed or disapproved.

Irrespective of all criticism we must tender our gratitude to Mahasabha and Sahitya Sabha for whatsoever contribution they have rendered to the community over decades.

In the present context, it is a matter of time to see what this new formation comes out to be as they claim to be departed NBMM since the group itself consists of some peoples who are alleged with various notorious activities.

I only believe it will add nothing less than fuel to the fiasco.
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