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History Repeats Itself

BP Sinha

We are following the footprints of our beloved forefathers. If we go through the history of the community we will be able to find out the reasons for the present scenario of the community. Briefly, I would like to remind certain real incidents of our community, the reasons for which we failed to be united till today.

Since late 1970, the community was leaded by two giant leaders of the community: Late Jagat Mohon Sinha and Late Nanda Kishore Sinha. After the 31st Session of Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Mahasabha (NBMM), 1977, these groups were formally divided, while one group was conducting the 32nd Session of NBMM, while the other was holding 33rd Session of the NBMM. After a lot of struggle between the two groups, Court Case, Police Case, Samjhata Meet etc., from the year 1978 to 1984 these groups formally separated their platform for rendering services to the Bishnupriya Manipuri community. The group under the leadership of Late Jagat Mohon Sinha got the ownership of NBMM. The group headed by Late Nanda Kishore Sinha formed a new organsation named as Sahitya Sabha. There were lot of controversies, I do not like to pass any comment as both the leaders are my beloved person and was personally attached to them, since I was a STUDENT at that period of time; my duty was to listen to their orders only.

I feel, since those blood of our forefathers is running in our body, we are unable to give up this groupism, as such now the community has been converted into two groups — NBMM and BMDC. It is needless to mention, prior to the formation of BMDC, both the leaders were sharing their food in single dish, even during the Biswa Sammelon conducted by NBMM. The present BMDC leader was introduced to the community by NBMM. In the month of June 2011, I had gone through various comments given by different people such as “an ordinary person can not place any demand before the Govt authority”, “leaders of NBMM has not been included in BMDC”. In fact, our country is a democratic country, so every citizen has got equal right to place any demand before the Govt. for his personal as well as for the benefit of the people. So far, I know earlier President of NBMM who contributed long 25 years in the organisation has been included in the BMDC as well as the existing Working President of Sahitya Parishad is the Vice Chairman of BMDC.

In fact both the present leaders are financially very sound as such they are keeping lot of blind followers who are actually diluting the images of both the leaders. The easiest thing in the world is to find fault on others and the toughest thing is to find out one’s own fault and rectify it. So instead of doing the easiest thing, let us try to do the toughest thing.

In earlier days, followers of both the groups were very dedicated and put their whole-hearted support to their leaders, unity in their respective group was very high, as they were very loyal to their group as a whole, while in the present scenario people are not loyal, and they are easily passing comments against their own leader without any hesitation and both the groups are neither very strong nor united, as nowadays people are of selfish nature which is the most negative quality of an individual in the social platform. A selfish person can never become loyal to his fellow members. So I feel both the present NBMM and BMDC group is not strong and united like previous groups of the community.

The only way to get rid of this groupism is to learn the way of recognizing one another. Dr. Devendra Kumar Sinha is renowned Gynecologist honored by two different foreign countries, lakhs of our community people have been assisted by him for medical treatment. Being the President of NBMM, he represented the community at National Level, by adopting the modern technology, he has included many members from all the countries in the world, wherever our community people is living and thus NBMM has got an International Forum. In earlier days, people staying outside India never knew about the functioning of NBMM. Thus he deserves appreciation.

Kartik Sena Sinha
Similarly, Kartik Sena Singha, the first Bishnupriya Manipuri MLA from Patharkandi in his early age, without any political background got elected. With his vigorous persuasion BMDC was formed and doing a lot for the economical development of the community. Thus, he also deserves appreciation.

In fact all the organization of the community has got contribution for achievement in different ways. What is the harm in recognizing the fact and their contribution to community?

For example

# Recognition of the Bishnupriya Manipuri Language was made during in the year 1983 after all out efforts made by NBMM. The NBMM deserves appreciation.

# NBMSU headed by Shri Anil Rajkumar made vital role in implementation of the language at Primary School, which was kept pending since recognition. NBMSU and Late Sudeshna Sinha who lost her life deserve recognition.

# Sahitya Sabha along with Samaj Sanngstha of Guwahati took vital role in the case decreed in our favour in the OBC Commission, Assam. Both the organization deserves recognition.

Late Dr. K.P Sinha
# While all the organization of the community put their hands together in the Supreme Court case and the same decreed in our favour. Sahitya Sabha took the main role in the play, thus credit goes to Sahitya Sabha and Late Dr. K. P. Sinha, since the decree was given in reference to his book Note of the term Bishnupriya Manipuri.

Etymological Dictionary published by him was 2nd of its kind in India. The first was by Dr. Sukumar Sen of Calcutta. We should feel proud of it; unfortunately, Dr. K.P Sinha was never honored by NBMM as he was belonging to the other group of the community i.e Sahitya Sabha.

I do have my whole hearted respect for all the past and present leaders of the community, I could not made any appeal to our earlier leaders because of my age. Now out of the two leaders one is like my elder brother and the other is my younger brother, as such through this web site, I put my humble request to both the leaders to get united for the benefit of the community before the community go back to their early 1978 position.

In this regard I would like to quote some important points: there were lot of artists in our community who were deserving National Award for their achievement in their life in Arts and Culture, but were deprived only because of our disunity.

Unity is Strength

Incidentally, my above observation became true and on 8th of January at 4-30 PM another NBMM took birth and now they have started fighting to establish their validity and started accusing one another as invalid and this will continue for another 3-4 years as with one registration number two different committee can not exist. They will take shelter of law and the court will decide which is valid and which is invalid, since there are thousands of cases are pending in the court it will take time get the decree.

When Ex President of NBMM was reminded about the history, he simply replied that let it be happened it will not hamper the development of the society. It is very unfortunate even after experiencing long 35 years they are still unaware that developmental work will certainly take a slow motion. It is observed that they are very eager to get the platform of NBMM which has got the curse of almighty “God” for dis-unity in the society. As such, NBMM can never bring unity in the society.

Because of the blood contents in the body which is having a large volume of groupism, existing NBMM trying their level best to dissolve the BMDC and constitute BMDC of their own and have already focused on it by naming their Chairman Col. Bijay Singh and they are in the race with all sorts of weapon and money power by door-to-door campaign to all Ministers and MLAs of Barak Valley to grasp the platform of BMDC as they are holding the highest platform of the Society, i.e. NBMM. There are many prominent platform where we are not representing and these leaders, they never think of sending representative in those platform viz. Assam Assembly, Parliament of India etc. etc. It is not at all, tough to represent in those platform if we concentrate on it instead of occupying the NBMM. We do not know, when the almighty GOD will shower His blessing to our so-called veteran leader of the society to go in a right direction in bringing unity in the community.

Jai Hind Jai Bishnupriya Manipuri
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