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In memory of Late Sukhojyoti Sinha
RK Rishikesh Sinha

This article is in the memory of Late Sukhojyoti Sinha whom I met last year at her residence. Little conversation that I had with her ended with one question from her : how a business could be started without capital. I am failing to remember how in a short meeting this question came into our conversation. 

It is aptly said:

“Entrepreneurship to a man is quite close to what pregnancy and child birth is to a woman”.

When to be independent?

There is no age to be independent. Some starts early without any work experience. While some begins after working few years; however to pin-point the perfect age when to be independent is a tough question to answer. I believe, age doesn’t become a factor, more than that it is the confidence of the entrepreneur that counts. The day an entrepreneur gets an inner call and a mountain-like confidence, the journey of entrepreneurship begins.

Why entrepreneurship?

# Independence: To be independent drives many to start business. This is one important reason that pushes youngsters to take the roller-coaster ride of starting a business.

# Challenges: Some people tread into entrepreneurship due to their innate urge to take challenges which are unplanned and unpredictable unlike 9-to-5 job. 

# Money: The lure of money is another reason that attracts people to plunge into entrepreneurship.

# Ownership Feeling: There is nothing satisfying in this world than the feeling of Ownership. For an entrepreneur, it’s a great feeling of pride to see the business establishment growing from the scratch.

Capital or Skill (or both)

What is more important to start a business – capital or skill or both capital and skill? The primary reason behind well-started off business failure is due to undercapital or lack of skill of an entrepreneur. However, this is not the absolute truth. There are stories of entrepreneurs who started with nought but they have made a place in the market that you and I can see around us.

The common pitfall that has been evident for those who come into business after working for few years is: the lack of ‘business’ skill. A designer, programmer, or a writer might be adored or praised while in his or her job, but those designing and programming skill is not enough to get sure-shot success while if he or she wishes to start a business of his or her own.

They might get stuck with hardware problems, marketing, negotiation and in many co-ordinated business sphere where he or she would find herself as a cat in a hot tin roof. These simple looking problems that were looked after by departments and designated people has to be faced and tackled if the business is started in a thin wafer-like capital.


Problems, call it challenges, are bountiful and oceanic for any new starters; however these doesn’t stop a true entrepreneur in his or her journey.
It was a short meeting with her, I couldn't discuss anything in detail. She presented me her book Mor Bilat Bhraman. I didn't know that it would be our last meeting. May God rest her soul in peace.
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