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Radhamadhav Mandir Parichalan Samiti overrules Silchar Anchalik Committee decision

On inviting Rebati Mohan Sinha in its General Body Meeting

Recently in a meeting held at Silchar, the Mandir Parichalan Samiti’s president and the secretary, Sri Shyam Sundar Sinha and Sri Krishna Charan Sinha respectively, raised an objection of inviting Mr. Rebati Mohan Sinha from Mumbai to attend the forthcoming General Body Meeting, to be held on 12th/13th March 2012 at Silchar, because they are casting a doubt on him being a virtual writer of this article (below) (the article was published in Bishnupriya Manipuri language in ‘Kaakei’, ‘Nuadristi’, and ‘Nuwa Ela’). These two office bearers have overruled the decision taken by the Silchar Anchalik Committee vis-à-vis inviting of Sri Rebati Mohan Sinha. Let readers decide on the action taken by these office bearers.

It is learnt that the Working Committee President Sri Shyam Sundar Sinha and the Organizational Secretary Dilip Sinha have just gone back from Guwahati after collection of fund for the construction of Yatri Nivas at Radhmadhav mandir premises at Radhakund, Mathura. I can not understand, how could Guwahati Anchalik Committee President co-operate with them, who was last heard in Narsingpur General Body Meeting, expressing his doubt on the construction of the Yatri Nivas, saying ‘Kaali bagia portoi building got mitey kiya rupa ditouta’. We have also heard that the earlier building plan made in Mumbai and submitted by Delhities Sri Kajal Kanti Sinha, the then president of Nirman Committee, (a civil Engr) was summarily dumped in waste-paper-bin and a non recommended building plan made in Mathura was brought in place, for further construction. It was Sri Chandrakanta Sinha’s opinion that prevailed upon the anomaly while discharging his duties as construction in-charge at site and proceeded with the Mumbai made drawing with some modification.

Hearing all these, some questions may arise as far as the Yatrinivas is concerned, for which Sri Shyam Sundar Sinha and Krishna Charan Sinha are responsible to answer through our language papers and the questionnaires are as follows :

1.What had happened to those four donors, Dr. Ashok Kumar Sinha, Bishwajit Sinha, Sri Pranab and Chandi Sinha? What was the necessity for collection of subscription from Guwahatians, when the construction work was smoothly going on with the part payment of donation from those mentioned above?

2.Is it a fact that they wouldn’t be allotted the rooms on the names of their ancestors for whom they have been promised at Maligaon Malthep in Guwahati? What was the reason? Did they refuse to pay any further installments? Or a decision abruptly taken by the so-called core committee and ratified accordingly in the Central Working Committee at its Chenkuri meeting? Why was the list of donor’s name changed suddenly?

3.Did Mr. Rebati Mohan Sinha, a resident of Mumbai, ever made any promise in the Adhiveshan at Maligao Malthep Guwahati in 2009 that he would get the first floor(dui-tala) rooms constructed? Was it accepted with a voice vote

4.Has the list of following donors names, suggested by Mr. Rebati Mohan Sinha, been read out in the Central Working Committee Meeting just after two months of his promise ie in the month of May 2009 at Narsingpur?

Sri Bishwajit Sinha New Delhi
Sri Ramsena Sinha Pune
Sri Babul Sinha Pune
Sri Bibhulal Sinha Mumbai
Sri Pulin B. Sinha Narsingpur
Dr. Ashok K. Sinha Guwahati

5.Was there any high level meeting, arranged by Mr. Rebati Mohan Sinha, at Gobindabari, Nabadwip to discuss upon ways and means to develop the Radhamadhav mandir complex among the office bearers of Nirman Committee and Mandir Parichalan Central Working Committee with a group of engineers from BM community in the month of July 2009?

Sri Kajal kanti Sinha, President, Nirman Committee
Sri Subhash Sharma, President, Radhmadhav Mandir
Sri Shyam Sundar Sinha, Vice President,Radhmadhav Mandir
Sri Krishna Charan Sinha, Hon. Sec., Radhmadhav Mandir
Dr. Ashok Kumar Sinha, Engr, Guwahati, Radhmadhav Mandir
Sri Brajakishore Sinha, Engr.,Kolkata, Radhmadhav Mandir
Sri Rebati Mohan Sinha, Mumbai, Radhmadhav Mandir
Sri Bijit Kumar Sinha, America, Radhmadhav Mandir

On the same day, was there any sub committee formed with Sri Kishna Charan Sinha as Chairman, Rebati Mohan Sinha and Dr.Ashok Kumar Sinha as members to survey the entire structures of the mandir complex and forward their comment as well as the commencement of work on the construction of Yatri Nivas?

6. Did these three individuals leave Nabadwip for Radhakunda for the execution of jobs entrusted to them ? Did Dr.Ashok Sinha purchase building materials with his donor’s part payment money to start the construction work?

Did Mr. Rebati Mohan Sinha keep his promise made in Maligao Malthep to start the construction within three months? Then, why was it not included in 2010 year’s annual report, where Hon. General Secretary was to read in the Adhiveshan? Instead, in that report he had appreciated the sevait? Was it done for a purpose?

7. Did Dr. Ashok kumar Sinha visit the site after two months on completion of the erection of pillars, girders and beams to estimate the cost of roof concreting? Then, why did Hon. Sec. Sri Krishna Charan Sinha de0puted sevait Sri Krishna Kanta Sinha to complete the roof concreting without informing Nirman Committee or Dr. Ashok?

8. Didn’t sevait Sri Krishna Kanta Babaji submit his resignation letter to Working Committee on 28/1/2009 at Patherkandi? How could he collect about Rs 1.3 lakhs from the donors after more than a year of his resignation?

9. How could sevait bring building materials costing about Rs.90,000/- from a supplier on credit without informing Nirman Committee? Can we presume that the sevait was just following the order of Hon. Secretary?

10. Did Central Working Committee anticipated any action against him for the violation of norms?

11. Why did sevait inflated his credit amount from Rs. 90,000/- to 1,35,ooo/- without producing proper receipts, bills and vouchers? The president and secretary paid the amount without taking the Central Working Committee in to confidence. Can these two office bearers disburse so much money, then place the paper for sanction?

12.Can a foundation stone be laid without marking on the ground as per building plan?

13. In spite of raising an objection by Mr. Rebati Mohan Sinha from Mumbai, why did three office bearers perform the foundation stone laying ceremony(a pillar erection) at Radhakunda, without the drawing?

14. Why didn’t they show expenditure incurred on foundation stone laying ceremony ie an erection of a pillar foundation in that year’s expenditure and on the contrary only the to-and-fro fare shown for three persons?

15. In total how many foundation stones were laid prior to the commencement of the work of Yatrinivas in July 2008?

16. Could those foundations be included while erection of pillars or uprooted and thrown?
To be continued.
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