Sunday, 12 June 2011

Where are we heading toward?

By Rebati Mohan Sinha

One group of Bishnupriya Manipuri fighting another desperately seeking to assert their own right to be part of the modern society we talk about. There is no attempt to reach out, resolve issues, and build relationship that can go beyond the feudal structure of the ruled and ruler. We have forgotten that we are one society. We need to work for one and all for future. A future can`t be realized through conflicts; but needs to be nurtured through an understanding of local issues and concern.

Whatever is happening today in the society is because of lack of leadership. A real leader emerges when there is perfect harmony between his ideas and the people`s mood; but at some point, he has to fade away. The leaders, who make desperate attempts to cling to their receding turf, often face humiliation. You are relevant as long as you can keep pace with the changes.

I felt abashed reading news items ‘NBMM suspends five office bearers’, ‘Singha Gautam catches NBMM on wrong foot, warns of action, and ‘BMSS strips NBMM president of all powers’. Ultimately where are we heading toward?

Section B of Art.23 of constitution of NBMM, which deals with ‘disciplinary action against office- bearers, says – “In the case of member of the Central Executive Committee or an office-bearer of any committee (be harmful to Mahasabha), the Central Executive Committee shall take up enquiry and take action.” Some questions may arise:

1. Was there any panel constituted to enquire about the misconduct of persons suspended? If not, could it be declared as suspension null and void?
2. Was there any show-cause notice served on Mr. Biresh Ranjan Sinha, Working President of BMSP? If not, how can he be suspended without hearing him?
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