Saturday, 18 June 2011

Rare images of Captain Tara (Krishankant Sinha) and the team of Space City Sigma

Post-1990 generation can't imagine the old India. India looked black and white. Doordarshan was by-default only television channel. Communication was by letters, urgency was shown with Telegram. Sunday wore a festivity look. One may ask what today's grown-up man watched when they were child. The Answer is : The Space City Sigma. And in this programme, Krishankant Sinha aka Captain Tara, was the imaginary ultimate hero for them.

Here are the rare images of that science fiction serial. If your memories are faded, these photographs would refresh it.

Space City Sigma

Captain Tara (standing), Heeri

Heeri and Shakti


Ashok Talwar and Bizeth Banerjee

Thanks to Vinayak Razdan for uploading these photographs.

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