Thursday, 23 June 2011

ALMDB has no role to play in BMDC

By Rebati Mohan Sinha

This is Part II of the series "Where Are We Heading Towards?"

The very fact that NGOs aspire to improve the lives of poor people, means, they have committed themselves in some manner to perform activities on behalf of others, their ability to accomplish what is expected and promised is fundamental and necessary to their relationship with others as well as to the community. Such organizations are therefore not free of critiques, expectations or input from those whom they serve, and receive legitimacy, funding and interaction.

The other day, a reliable source at Guwahati, stated that some office bearers led by the president of an organization, were camping in the city to have an audience with a request to Chief Minister of Assam to dismantle the present Gazette notified adhoc committee of BMDC and get the new one constituted instead. Where are we heading towards? In fact it is the present system, built on selfishness, greed and petty egos that result in the terrible alienation a man faces from his fellow beings. This has only worsened in the last decade or so. I would like to further elaborate that any action that gives pain to another through humiliation is horrifying, particularly those who suffer it – what then is the answer to this suffering? I am talking about the recent suspension of office bearers of an organization.

We want to build a society to rid the society of its deep-rooted and widespread ills; but how could it be possible? Every day we get something or other in the BishnupiryaManipuri Online blog, say, the recent news item of Sentinel, “BM Linguistic Minority Development Council presses for Education Welfare of community.” Is there any council existing in our society by this name?

BMDC is the only Gazette notified council, we have in our society, then why did the ordinary member of Assam Linguistic Minority Development Board (ALMDB) states that a chartered of demands submitted to CM on its behalf? The ALMDB is functioning under the WPT & BC department and it is the nodal department for implementation of schemes for welfare of SC/ST and OBC people in the state. It is not understood, how an ALMDB member, not following the protocol submitting the self knitted or woven chartered of demands to CM, which is not having any relevance as far as the functioning of BMDC is concerned. Gopidas could have placed his demand to the meeting of Assam Minority Development Board.

It can be very much mentioned over here that Gopidas’ joy of becoming the member of ALMDB was overshadowed by the declaration of ad hoc committee of BMDC and automatically he became redundant and has gone in to oblivion. How long can one be underground for so long? Presently the ALMDB, I believe, has no role to play as far as the BM development is concerned as the BMDC ad hoc committee is in the helm of affairs. What it had left to him is to make irrelevant press statements, which might, he thought, revive his lost image, but on the contrary is creating doubt, rather misleading the entire Bishnupriya Manipuri society.
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