Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tushar Arjun's spellbound performance

Tushar Arjun spells magic in the Sony’s singing reality show X Factor. His performance was well appreciated by music lovers. He sang a philosophical song Main Jahan Rahun from the movie Nameste London.

The 28-year old stage artist from Assam was seen relax and in good composure in his stint. His performance was also admired from netizen. “I really liked the way this difficult song was sung by Tushar Arjun ‘Main jahan rahu’”, said Summer 3 in a discussion forum. In the same forum, debayon commented, “his voice is as fresh as the morning dew and he has great range and clarity, and is blessed with a talented, awesome voice. He is the dark horse, and I expect him to go far in this competition.”
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