Saturday, 19 March 2011

The politicians left in the lurch

Courtesy: The Sentinel

Special Correspondent

SILCHAR, March 17: Four MLAs of this Barak Valley, Dr Rumi Nath, Kartik Sena Sinha and Shambhu Singh Mala of BJP and Anwarul Haque of AIUDF deserted their parties to get berth in Congress, perhaps to serve the people of their constituencies more effectively, on the eve of the Rajya Sabha polls. They hit the headlines of the media, both print and electronic, and continued to be news makers. Many gossips and gingerly stories were in circulation about possible reasons behind their desertions from lucrative offers and incentives to assured tickets for Assembly elections.

While Rumi Nath and Kartik Sena Sinha gloated over their prize bargains of development councils for Nath community and Bishnupriyas, Shambhu Singh Mala and Anwarul Haque could achieve nothing for their tea tribe and minority people whom they represented.

Rumi Nath was the luckiest of them for scoring on both the gains of development council and nomination for her last constituency of Borkhola. Anwarul Haque however got the consolation of winning a ticket to contest from Katigorah. Kartik Sena Sinha and Shambhu Singh Mala drew blank on nomination. Kartik did fret and fume at being denied nomination, Mala preferred to maintain a low profile, but both evoked speculative stories on their deprivation in public and media. They are indeed unlucky to be left in the lurch, say the voters who elected them in 2006. They are now faces lost in the crowd.
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