Tuesday, 15 March 2011

How to change address in the saving account of SBI?

How to

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For any purpose, if you wish to change your previous address in the saving account of SBI. Don’t worry! It is easy and less time consuming provided you take proper care.

Here are the following steps:

1. Visit the bank where your account is located
2. Write an application addressing the Branch Manager mentioning your new address.
3. Along with the application, submit

a) No Objection Certificate from the owner
b) Append photocopies of Electricity/ Water Bill which should be in the name of the owner

1. Don’t forget to mention your SBI saving account number.
2. Don’t forget to sign (original) in the application.
3. If your owner of the new address has SBI bank account, do mention it. And make him sign in the application as always as in the No Objection Certificate.

Take this application along with the documents and submit it to the Public Relation Officer or the person concerned.

Hope the procedure would help you while making a change in your address in the SBI saving account.
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