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How to change address in the saving account of SBI?

How to

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For any purpose, if you wish to change your previous address in the saving account of SBI. Don’t worry! It is easy and less time consuming provided you take proper care.

Here are the following steps:

1. Visit the bank where your account is located
2. Write an application addressing the Branch Manager mentioning your new address.
3. Along with the application, submit

a) No Objection Certificate from the owner
b) Append photocopies of Electricity/ Water Bill which should be in the name of the owner

1. Don’t forget to mention your SBI saving account number.
2. Don’t forget to sign (original) in the application.
3. If your owner of the new address has SBI bank account, do mention it. And make him sign in the application as always as in the No Objection Certificate.

Take this application along with the documents and submit it to the Public Relation Officer or the person concerned.

Hope the procedure would help you while making a change in your address in the SBI saving account.


  1. If u r staying in a rented house/flat, u will most likely to change the address one or two years whenever u change your residence.
    The best option for people on the move is to find out a friend like Mr. Xy Sinha (BM or anybody who is close to you) who is living in his own flat/house in your city. Just do take proper permission or better take a written NOC from your friend
    Mr Xy Sinha. Then apply for change of address in your bank with the NOC and a Electricity or Telephone/post paid Mobile phone bill in the name of Mr Xy Sinha.

    --This address will be your address in that city for any communication as long as you and Mr Xy Sinha keep tuning the same frequency,
    --No need to change address every time you change your rented flat/house,
    --You can produce the same address proof as in the bank A/C for all other purposes viz. Passport, Driving Licence, etc

    Disadv or cost to agreement:
    --Try to visit Mr Xy Sinha occasionally with some chocolate/ fish of their choice...hahahaha for the favour from Mr Xy Sinha

  2. Can I submit My own Axis bank statement for change of address in SBI saving Bank A/c.?

    1. Yes a bank statement or Demat account statement will also do KMPrasad

  3. Going to bank and submit an application - it's known thing and everyones aware of it. I thought you are trying to let us know some alternative which would be easier. ANyways, thanks.

  4. Dear Anonymous.
    Thanks for your comment.
    India is a big country and it has majority of people who are faraway from banking services. People still don't know what is "Pay-in-Slip"!

  5. I want to change SBI bank a/c- address (opened in Mumbai) to Bangalore address.Due hectic schedule I can not come to Mumbai Branch office for the same. Can you tell me alternative way so that i can change my address like by post or online (e-mail).

    1. Even I am facing the same issue, Need to update address and phone number but cant go to mumbai from delhi just for this. Every other bank has facility of doing this via internet banking but SBI lacking these. :(

  6. how to change the address online


  8. I have a SBI account created by my previous employer and this employer's address is taken by default. This article says we need to submit NOC from the owner. Does this mean my previous employer, is it really required?

  9. Need an advise how to change address if already move to different location from where the SBI savings account has opened.

  10. It will be silly to go to savings a/c branch(hyd).. currently i am in Delhi.. There should be a way like other banks have option to submit an application for change of address from any Branch from any city(global banking).

  11. In this era of technology, why can't I change my address online? Supporting docs can be scanned and sent...why not upgrade and make use of technology available to us since years? It's very frustrating to have to physically go to the bank and do these chores esp. when I'm on a time crunch!

    1. SBI policies or other government bank policies might sound old school but when keeping security in mind what they have in place is fool proof. Technology has made life easier and also easier for fraudsters.

      In this age of technology faking an address proof document is a cake walk for people who have a basic knowledge of photoshop tools.

      Hence, in the interest of of the bank and you it is always better to visit the bank, provide the relevant documents, allow the bank officers to verify the documents and ensure nothing bad happens.

      You might be aware of a recent fraud that happened with Citibank in Chennai where a huge amount of money was swindled by a staff member part of Citibank operations. That is the dark side of next generation banking.

    2. Yes SBI has to put an option like other banks for change of address. In another banks they will take the application form and valid proofs and they will sent to main branch.....

      If other banks are doing wt is the problem with SBI????????

  12. best open a new account....take out all money from atm....put in new account...start a new life

  13. how to get my 1 year transaction details with my address from SBI savings a/c and it is for my Passport..?? Kindly give some information regarding this..,

  14. Really Thanks for this guide! i wanted to change the addrs of my savings account!

  15. just write application for transfer of your bank account to the city f your choice and mail this to your branch of previous city. after your account is transfered go to the new branch and get your address changed.


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