Friday, 11 March 2011

Decry of a woman’s human heart

By Parivita Sinha

International Women’s Day was observed few days ago. The whole world celebrated it with all respect and zeal. I must confess I was not very much in its celebration but… yeah, it sounds very inspiring, makes my woman psyche delighted and proud. In my opinion, the day is dedicated to women’s selflessness, compassion and the power that can construct not only a home but also a society and a nation. But here what makes me feel upset! Do every woman really relate to these aspects?

Woman is strong, of course without any prejudice, more than man because God has bestowed upon her the power to bear all the pain that nature can give. It is not a eulogy or an exaggeration but it is the truth that even man folk cannot deny. In fact, now woman has become more man than a woman not just in her deeds but also in her psyche. And I think this has made her powerful as well. Her world has become big. She is now in charge of domestic as well as professional front. It is wonderful, isn’t it? But again somewhere there is distortion of her innocence, of her real woman self. She has become competitive, ambitious, and desirous to win the world. For this she has to compromise all her purity of mind and soul.

I don’t always agree that a woman is compassionate and selfless. It is a bitter truth but often a woman disrespects a woman, often a woman destroys a woman. Woman as a mother wields power, respect and glory. Every woman has a mother inside. Yet, we see a mother-in-law ill-treats a daughter-in-law who is not only someone’s daughter but also a woman and a mother too. Does a mother is a mother only for her child? Where is the love and affection that motherhood holds? I am not on the side of daughter-in-laws. But it is what we see and hear. These could be the general cases related to the in-laws what my mind considers deeply. Daughter-in-laws cannot take their mother-in-laws normally; sister-in-laws cannot bear each other and so on…Nevertheless, why emotions change sensitivity when relationships put into different frames?

Womanhood and motherhood both makes a woman psyche and this combination makes her an incarnation of Shakti. But it is up to her whether she uses this shakti to construct or destruct. The conflicts between man and woman have always taken the focus of our so-called civilized society. But I would indeed say it is better to be a human with a human heart rather than a woman or a man!

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