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Watch Zeitgeist, the movie

By Tridiv Sinha, New Delhi

I would suggest.

The documentary movie “Zeitgeist” peels off the true picture behind the religions of the world. How common people are deceived to believe lies created by a few elites to rule the world? The German titled documentary goes on to institution behind Wars and Banks.

The title justifies the content of the hour and half journey through three aspects related to the modulation of ideas of common people by ruthless elites ruling the human civilization.

The documentary covers three aspects. The first being related to Religions. The opening sentences are impossible to ignore, when it comes to logical thinking. When you try to educate yourself, try to find out where you came from, you’ll see lies all around you. Man often complaint against corrupt Governments and other institutions, but Religions remain untouched. In fact, Religion is at the bottom of the dirt.

The religious institutions are put up there by the same people who gave us the corrupt education, government and international banking cartels. These people do not care for the welfare of the common people; all they care is the profits which they earn by deceiving people from the truth.

Some people may ignore the documentary as another film made by some people for terrifying normal people of the world we live in. But, we can’t deny the truth; can we?
The one-and-half-hour video shows how different religions follow the same concepts over and over again in different generations. From ancient Greek mythology to time of Christ, few people convinced the huge mass of the miracles of one man with special powers so as to make them follow the idol. A good marketing concept I’d say. If you can’t sell your ideas or product, get endorsements from a celebrity. You know what mass thinks. They will listen to the endorser if not you. This is how we got Gods, heroes. The elite people convinced the common man that the figure possesses powers no mortal can possess and thus impose their ideologies on the mass. In a way, this thing was necessary when there was a need of discipline. But to use the concept to rob people their freedom is what I would criticize.

There are numerous incidences of godly figures around the world having almost the same birth rule, principles and powers. The video showed how the concept of Jesus and many others are copied from the Gods of much older Egyptian civilization. It also described how the do’s and don’ts of most religions are copied from the same.

The documentary might look anti-American as it also revealed some facts which show it’s involvement in the greatest wars of the 20th and 21st century. This should not come as a shock to the reader’s mind that War is the greatest industry and the most profit making business in the human civilization. War fuels technological developments and vice versa.

War also generates highest profits for the banking cartels. Sometimes, they get involved in both sides of the war to maximize profits. Such incident was World War 2 when one of America’s biggest banks provided monetary support to America and allied nations whereas they provided loans to Germany’s war industries running the war. At the time of wars, banks increase their rates of interest and thus earn much more profits. The documentary shows how American Govt got involved in wars against the interests of the common people. It was on the interest of the banks that the Govt had to participate in wars.

With banks comes the last part of the video. Even though only the case of American economy was discussed, I have a strong belief that it holds true for all the economies around the world. The world is run on the basis of Credit to the centralized banks and thus the more we progress, more we earn, more we spend, the more we are increasing our credit levels. I can’t explain the scenario in a detailed way, not being an economist, all I can say is that it’s the banks that are ruling the society today; not our governments.

Just spend 2 hours of your spare time on this video and you might see the world in a different way.

Today is Shakolsher (Thursday)

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