Sunday, 19 December 2010

'Yes' BMDC is a milestone

Views of the readers were sought here on what do they think about BMDC.

Do you think BMDC will be a milestone to meet the aspirations of the people?

Name : Anonymous, UAE, [Yes]

Its a great achievement for the community to channelize Govt money to develop the culture and economic status at the grass-root level.
But at the same time, there are apprehensions as well......if the money siphoned off to some pockets ....

Name : k m sinha, Dubai / Ghy, UAE, [Can't Say]

Theoritically, it should be "Yes", but practically, we shall have wait and see.  It is too early to comment.  Now, why do I think so?  If intentions are good, then impossible thing can be made possible.  However, I have some reservations about the integrity and intentions of the people on the steering wheel.  

Name : Sanjib Sinha/GUWAHATI [Yes]

Why not? The BMDC must be the milestone to meet the aspirations of the people because no other organisation can speak or work only for BISHNUPRIYA MANIPURI but the BMDC. IT IS MADE For BM AND  WORK ONLY FOR DEVELOPMENT OF BISHNUPRIYA MANIPURI PEOPLE (if properly used or regulated). This coucil is formed by the Govt. only for the welfare of the Bishnupriya Manipuri community not for other community to work THROUGH this council.
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