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My Name is Kartik Sena Sinha

By RK Rishikesh Sinha

My Name Is Kartik Sena Sinha, commonly referred to as MNIKSS, is a NOT a 2010 Bollywood film directed by Karan Johar. Kartik Sena Sinha is a Bishnupriya Manipuri who writes his own story, even directs and produces it. He is an all-in-one person. He is not like Bollywoord actor Rajnikant who cuts a hitting bullet into two pieces and makes a whizz sound with his every action. But he is not lesser than Rajnikant in the real and grumpy world. He is a person who could break and change Newton’s all laws of motion and defy any notions, of any type. And just like Rajnikant.

Before I go ahead describing Kartik Sena Sinha, here is a disclaimer (it has become very necessary) that I don’t know him personally or with any of his associate and am not in touch with him or his comrades physically, verbally, electronically or any form of communication. It is an independent interpretation.

Extra information: Those who have any type of differences with Kartik Sena Sinha shouldn’t read this piece.

Readers of this blog who has read about him from the litany of news clips from the first article published on 28 September 2007 till this one, they might have form a fuzzy image about Kartik Sena Sinha, if not absolute one. 

Here is the quick recap about him that you might have built up in your mind:

1. He is the lone Bishnupriya Manipuri MLA from Patherkandi constituency, Assam.
3. Hardly any Bishnupriya Manipuri occasion takes place without his presence in Assam.
4. His name appears in the PDS scam.
5. He has been instrumental to the reality of Bishnupriya Manipuri Development Council (BMDC).
6. There is no criminal case against him.
7. He has a website of his name "".[the news piece didn't appear here]. 

His meteoritic rise in public life would bamboozle in broad daylight any 21st century Bishnupriya Manipuri boy who wishes to attain everything under the sun, be it – money, power and name – in least possible time. His life has become an inspiration and an embodiment of success. His life runs tangential to the life that we have seen growing – parent’s doctor-engineer mindset for their children, a good well-paying government job, marrying a beautiful girl, complaining Bishnupriya Manipuri community for this and that, and rest life spent in ignominy.

Kartik Sena Sinha’s deep pocket could trigger any Bishnupriya Manipuri budding entrepreneur to get this figure as soon as possible. For this, he doesn’t have to import inspiration from USA, analyzing case studies of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, Sam Walton, Rockefeller, Jeff Bezos, or from India reading the business empire built by Ambanis, Birlas, N. R. Narayana Murthy, and many likes. He brings a ray of hope to a sleepy Bishnupriya Manipuri boy to see the dream that he otherwise get scare even to wish.

He lives the big American Dream here in the jungles of Northeast. He brings the same inspiration and intensity that we otherwise think about America – the American Dream that everything is possible in this New World. Very contrary to the young boys who uploads big American cars and locations in Orkut flaunting what – God knows.

He defies every notion that we are genetically coded: to make simple things complex, and make complex things simpler. The political shrewdness and negotiating skill that he has shown and played in the Rajya Sabha-BMDC affair might falter and weaken bones who is a first-time MLA. But he did it masterfully. Ramlal Sinha correctly describes, “His push at the right moment worked like the click of a cursor that activates a computer set.”

The young boys have lot to learn from this man. No spiritual, no philosophical, metaphysical teachings but raw earthly gyan. We could at least expect that in his period he prepares 10-15 persons likes him (Is it too high?). Before it is too late and we say, "Once upon a time, there was a Kartik Sena Sinha..."


  1. Rishikesh, I am not sure if this is meant to be a satirical piece on Karthik Sena for better or for the worse, but it's a fine reading. For someone like me who had seen his formative ( I mean the college days) years in Guwahati very very closely (..was a neighbor next door), he was like any other normal guy but one thing was very distinctive in him - his ability to connect with people be they are strangers or his known acquaintances. Perhaps, he was emphathising in his approach or the signature smile did help a lot ! At that time, he was not given to the usual vices of smoking & drinking and I still vividly remember the first beer he bought for me at a bar where he only enjoyed the salad & nothing else.Now don't assume that this incident gave me a profound sense of things to come in his life......on the contrary, I felt it was one more ordinary routine thing in a rather "going about' life.
    I don't know much of him after I left for my study in another place but on and off, I got to meet him when I was home on leave or vacation. He was still the same guy who loved to banter with his uncle (whom he loved very deeply),and my dad, sometimes trying to ignore the neighbourhood boys' taunts, talking about the busy schedule of his job, sharing a laugh over some trivial & casual topics. Amidst all that, he had an agile sense of how a few of his close friends are doing.....Infact. he did help them a lot in their difficult circumstances. If at all, there was a vanity in him, I guess he liked to be flamboyant but then so are many narcissistic people in our community.
    Being a MLA in contemporary times is a heady feeling and the first casualty of power is discretion and humility. As a community where having an elected rep is an exception rather than a rule, there are no credible precedences to follow and that can make things go awry and worse especially if the debate is deeply and widely divided on individual lines. A collective reinforcing of the values into this new BM DC can turn the debate towards its functioning in this initial stage. As for the politics of it, once our community gets its groove in state politics, there will be many years in future to indulge in it (no pun intended).

  2. Thanks for the complement. It is definitely not satirical in intention. It is mere a bit of imagination coloured with facts. As nobody seems to come out with a piece on him, so I thought I should. And I think it triggered your trail of memories. In fact, my objective is also fulfilled.
    --rk rishikesh sinha

  3. He lives the big American Dream here in the jungles of Northeast. He brings the same inspiration and intensity that we otherwise think about America – the American Dream that everything is possible in this New World. Very contrary to the young boys who uploads big American cars and locations in Orkut flaunting what – God knows.
    Living a American Dream ??? need lots of guts to get the American Visa and out of that its only limited people in BMs ???? rare to find people who can adventure in this Dream and need lots of thinking


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