Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A Work in Silence

“This is a great job which the maker(s) of this site has done, not only for the Bishnupriya Manipuri people but also for the entire community of Vaisnava Bhaktas world-wide.”, commented Sankarara Kinkara in the recently launched book site BMBooksGallery, a repository of Bishnupriya Manipuri related books.

BMBooksGallery has erected one more solid pillar to the edifice of the Bishnupriya Manipuri online building. Something which was mere a wish, a whisper here and there among the intelligentsia, an agenda in society’s gup-shap, has been successfully conceived, presented and delivered – all done quietly without calling a discussion.

The mere thought to assemble books from different periods, scattered all around (note: there is not a particular place to find), digitizing them, and later uploading them one-by-one meticulously, would commit anybody to vomit blood. But this was done.

The beauty of the site is that many writers (and their work) which has gone digitize might not be living (God forbids), and some might not be knowing that the generation next has done something brilliant and has given respect to them and to their work.

The site is a culmination of works done by people – Sunil Kr. Sinha maintaining a library-like collection of Bishnupriya Manipuri books, and Sudhanya Sinha compiling list of books published in the period 1949-2000, and the last Pratibha Sinha taking the insurmountable pain of collecting, scanning, co-ordinating and uploading hundreds of books. The sweet thing about the venture is that it was done benevolently with a cause, in a timeframe, money going out from their own pocket.

However, the sweet pain is worth to its effort since it is ahead of time, many neighbourhood communities doesn’t have such a creation yet. The site would definitely be a cornerstone to the enrichment of the Bishnupriya Manipuri literature. No writers and their work, hope would remain in the dark dusty shelves. It will be crowned showcasing to the whole world.
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