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LIFE SPAN OF ONE DAY, a poem by Pratibha Sinha


Pratibha Sinha, Guwahati

The Sun’s beam touches the earth,
Trust no future, however pleasant;
Countless life takes birth,
Act-act in the living present.

The cheerful dawn brings the ray of hope,
It is the real beauty where life revels;
Childhood opens the path of scope,
Where all faults is venial.

The ringing morning shows the day,
Lark sings, cold air blows around;       
Teenage shows the gay,
It is the stage to gain ground.

Noon’s luster is irrevocable,
Shines bright and yellow in every pleasant park;
Youth’s struggle is inevitable,
It is time to take a leap in the dark.

Dusk welcomes twilight,
And sunshine mounted up the hill;
Aged welcomes melancholy outright,
Where life seems motionless and still.

Evening is the end of brightness,
And the mountains start looking grey;
Old age is the end of life’s charmness,
Where time hangs heavy.

Night compasses the darkness of ignorance,
Life gets shorter as the days run;
Death encompasses the soul’s deliverance,
As fast away runs the sun from us.

Life is a voyage of tight attachments,
It is the yearning tendrils of the vine;
The re-genesis stage leads to life’s transformation,
That enters a new exploring stage to start.

(Theme of the Poem : In this poem, I have tried to watch the human life and how it would be if it’s life span becomes only one day of 24 hrs. Human life goes through different stages viz. Birth, Childood, Teenage, Youth, Old age, Death and a 24 hr day consist of different stages viz. Dawn, Morning, Noon, Dusk, Evening, Night. If the span of human life becomes a 24 hrs day, then the different stages of human life would pass through the different stages of a day and behave accordingly. Will it be possible for human to fulfill all his/her sky-limit desires in a life span of one day, where the ambitious mankind feels that the present average life span of 60-85 years of human is insufficient to achieve all his/her desires and wants in a single birth and expect to live a long life? But mankind spends most part of his/her life in waste. So, whatever life we have been gifted by god should be spent in a calculated manner and make our life purposeful & worthy.     - Pratibha Sinha)

Today is Ninthoapa (Monday)

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  1. It is realy a nice poem, you have expressed the meaning of life in 24houres so nicely that it must be appriciated. U please try to convert it into Emar Thar i.e. amar thar. We the youths, should express our feelings in every ways of life i.e. by writing, by practical working, by acting, by showing examples etc. Keep it up please.


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