Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Ultimate Solution

I don't Know!

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

My friend working in a private company in Delhi has found a way out to gain the same respect and confidence what his friends who are in government jobs are getting from the Bishnupriya Manipuri society!

I was mused to his findings. And to the cobweb of logic that he applied while coming to the conclusion.

In his authoritative voice, he said, “Rishi, people love to SEE”. I nodded to his first logic as if I am listening to a sermon from a great person. I didn’t question to his new-found knowledge! Just I went on listening, and listening, without daring to ask a question.

Well, he accepts that there exists a disparity in the treatment meted to the two sections of the people – government job holders and those who are working away from their villages in the private jobs.

“You know Rishi, the disparity is very visible in the society”, he blurts out.

To make an impression that I am attentive to his evolved topic. In a knee-jerk reaction, I said, “I don’t know that… where you found the disparity…”

“In marriage” he said.

“A government job holder comes and you will be out of the game of marriage! doesn’t matter what salary package you are drawing and what is the ambience in your office…they are immaterial, absolutely immaterial…you are nowhere”.

Getting bore to his on-and-off story, I said, “What it is the recourse you have taken so far since you are also working in the private sector”.

“As I said, people love to SEE”. I am not getting what you mean by ‘people love to see’, I pounced back.

“Do you see any material possession here in my room like laptop, a trendy mobile phone or something that I have bought in Delhi?”. I roamed my eyes, yes – I found there is nothing in his room besides a bed and his clothes.

“What is the reason?” I said.

“I make the people there in Guwahati to see what I am doing…whatever I earn, I buy things there (Guwahati) so that my people can see… this is what government people do…they show things like buying a new car, constructing house to the people …This way they create an impression of stability, impression of prosperity …and the same thing I do”.

“Great!” was my natural reaction. What a logic and what a solution, that you have found out to tackle the problem?

My friend has found out the solution to tackle the menace, but somewhere I was wondering – whether it is really true? I don’t know!

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