Tuesday, 12 May 2009

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With the increase in the number of articles, photos and videos, readers’ experience, how they are going to interact with The Bishnupriya Manipuri, has become a daunting task. Not only the articles, photos and videos has to be fetched conveniently, making it visible to the present readers, but it has to made always-fresh, readily available to all possible channels of online communication for the future.

Uploading an article/ video/ photos is not everything! The story doesn’t end there itself. It has to be checked when search engine had crawled it, indexed it. And so, so…Chances are there, and it is high, the article/ video/ photos is visible to you, but it is/ will not be visible to present time and for the future.

Here are the few modes of communication that will enhance your interactivity:

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(2) Mobile Subscription: Subscribe, you will be receiving updates in your mobile. FREE!

(3) Google Reader feed: In one platform, you can access all the articles. Read:

(4) Google Search: See top left panel here. This ultimate tool comes very handy if you fail to find information of your choice.

(5) Archive: See right panel here. Use this if you want to explore the site in chronological order.

(6) Video Subscription: Don’t miss to subscribe the latest videos coming up here. Recently two videos have been added, and many are still in the pipeline. SUBSCRIBE! Identify the faces!

(7) Related Post: This option appears when you click on a particular post. The recently added tool is very important to access all the related posts. 

Note: Many photos have been added in the photo album. Watch out!

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