Friday, 15 May 2009

Sreehatta Sammilani Mumbai unveils ‘Cancer Patients Project’

Under the Project the pain and suffering of the out-station cancer patients will be assuaged

Cancer is a deadly disease and dreadful enemy of human existence. Since many past decades human life is fighting against this frightful disease of Cancer. Medical scientists are constantly making extensive research into this context to eradicate the disease utterly. They have also succeeded to a significant extent in reducing the death rates owing to the disease. However, due to costly treatment, scarcity of funds and social unawareness of the disease, many patients die untimely death.

Mumbai is a recognized place for cancer treatment. Hundreds of patients come to the place to avail themselves of the best treatment. To help and support these destitute patients of cancer who come to Mumbai, ‘Sreehatta Sammilani Mumbai’, an organization, which was founded on 14th July, 2002, is playing an active role. The main objective behind its establishment is to provide accommodation, medicine, food and solace to the suffering patients.

The organization of the Sreehatta Sammilani is presently set up in a rented flat located at Antop Hill. But the flat is not adequately spacious. It accommodates only limited number of patients. However, to function as efficiently as possible to facilitate the patients, Sreehatta Sammilani has proposed a dream project ‘Sreehatta Sammilani Mumbai Cancer Patients Project’.

Under the project, Sreehatta Sammilani Mumbai aims to acquire sufficient space to accommodate out station patients and to improve the arrangements.
The organization is soliciting generous help from the public to materialize the dream project.

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