Saturday, 13 October 2012

Call of the Deceased

By Sachin Sinha,
Kahilipara, Guwahati-19

Beyond the beautiful realm of dreams,
I heard the voice of the faded.
Cold, chilly voices beyond the veil
Muffling the call of the dead.
The victims of the cruel acts,
Arising from their deep slumber.
The haunted, gloomy look upon their faces,
Brimming with a desire to express their fear..
Fear on their faces,
Made me somewhat bold.
To fulfill the desire of the deceased
Waiting for something to be told..
''Cruelty of the past,
Still reverbating amongst the people.
Greed, Envy, Treachery
Existing still amidst the mingle.
Evil deeds of the past
Are yet to be resolved,
The negativity amongst the people
Has greatly evolved.''
The outcome of the words spoken,
Was remorse deep within me.
With shame and grief I wondered,
''Am i living life truly?''
Such distracted I was
In the Draught of the Living Dead.
The scene aroused me
And I fell from my bed.
Thus the life succeeding,
Was never a peaceful one of mine.
With the same query,
Again and again crossing my mind.
''Past was rotten, present is futile
The future is coming, can we make it worthwhile??''

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