Friday, 10 August 2012

Glory to Krishna

Pranati Sinha

Today is Krishna Janmashtami. The auspicious Day will be celebrated all across the world. Krishna has countless devotees as Krishna transcends all religion and culture. He has set His own religion; a religion of bliss, a religion that emanates from happiness.

As a child, I had always witnessed grand celebration of this particular day every year in our house. Though we had brought up in Defence colonies and always dwelt in defence quarters, never felt the lack of celebrations for any reason. The Naam Kirtan in Janmashtami was the most awaited moment for me. The music of dhol, nagara and taal unified with rhythmic clapping used to captivate every nerve of the body and enthralled devotees singing Krishna hymns with all their heart and soul would leave you enchanted for the whole Life. My friends would come and equally participate in clapping though they wouldn’t grasp anything more than the word Krishna or Govind Jai Jai. The Prasad which was purely of fruit, black chickpeas and green gram was also no doubt unusual for them but they used to relish it heartily with desire to have more. These were the moments I still yearn for today.

Time has changed but my enchantment with Krishna still persists. Krishna, the God; Krishna, the greatest philosopher; Krishna, the undefeatable warrior; Krishna, the makhanchor, the love of gopis and the sakha of gwalas; but Krishna worth more than mere understanding of His exploits. What I know about Krishna? The question never bothered me but how much am I into Him (the God I worship daily) bothers me. How much am I a true devotee is what disturbs me. And I think least of us genuinely follow Krishna. Krishna has always been posed as a mystifying God because He has been connected with Bhagwad Gita, and at the same time denounced by many for they couldn’t understand His maya and the secret behind raasleelas.

Notwithstanding, Krishna taught us a life of acceptance; a life to be lived in its totality. Krishna had never renounced life. He never escaped the reality of time. The instances in Krishna’s life have demonstrated the message of devotion, the highest form of love. Love or devotion sees no boundaries. I wonder how many of us are really following Krishna and His ideals. Are we really worthy to call ourselves followers of Krishna when we encourage prejudice on the basis of many conditions?

Krishna had supported war to uphold Dharma. Krishna explains Dharma for Arjuna as the advancement towards one’s spiritual growth and personal duty. To reach one’s own self-nature is the only religion. Krishna has emphasized svadharma which means self-religion. That is one should not deviate from the real and the pure being inside all of us. To understand Krishna, all we need is submission to His glory. Jai Sri Krishna.
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