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Supreme Court Verdict on Bishnupriya "Manipuri"

B N Sinha, New Delhi

In the year 1989, in a joint meeting of NBMM, BMSS and Samaj Sanstha Guwahati held at Bhakatpur malthep, it was decided to take up the issue of Manipuri suffix to fight against the case filed by Manipur Govt against the use of the word “Manipuri” by us after the word "Bishnupriya".

(Find the original documents of the Supreme Court of India decision on Bishnupriya Manipuri identity)

Kh Nobin Singha, the advocate from Imphal Bar was representing the Manipur Govt. 

Three representatives from each Bishnupriya Manipuri group were selected to take up the case on behalf of the community. They appointed Advocate Sukumar Sinha of Silchar to file objection to lower court in district court. 

In the same year, the case got transferred to Gauhati High Court where for Bishnupriya Manipuri community the advocate who fought in Gauhati High Court was Dr Niloy Dutta whose assistance was Adv Bishwadev Sinha from Halflong. 

As per the court "Ejahar" it was signed by the then President of Sahitya Sabha. 

The Govt of Manipur challenged the HC verdict in Supreme Court, the case was fought by Mr Nikhil Ranjan Choudhury, Lawyer chamber no 22, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi the then brother of Rajya Sabha MP Mr Nipati Ranjan Choudhury of Karimganj Assam. 

The hearing dates in SC are as follows : 

  • Ist Hearing : 18/8/99, 
  • IInd Hearing: 17/9/99, 
  • IIIrd Hearing: 13/7/2000, 
  • IVth Hearing: 10/8/2000, 
  • Vth Hearing: 27/8/2000 
  • VIth Hearing: 6/12/2005, 
  • VIIth Hearing: 8/3/2006 

In the respective case in SC, the Coram were: Hon. Justice S P Kurdeker and Hon Justice R P Sethi. 

Advocates Mr S K Agnihotri and Mr S Biswajit were from petitioner’s end and from respondents end the advocates were Mr N R Choudhury and Mr Somnath Mukherjee. The section code of verdict by SC was : Sec XIV in Civil Affiliated jurisdiction for special leave to appeal Civil no 8862/1999.

If you are not able to view the slideshow below, click Supreme Court Verdict on Bishnupriya "Manipuri"

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