Thursday, 19 July 2012

Recover deleted files

How to

Deadline has to be met at any cost. And you are racing with time. But the file in which you have been working accidently bypass the recycle bin. It has been accidently deleted from the system. You search all the drives in your computer and you don’t find any trace of it. It has gone from your system. 

But, if such accidents happen, don’t panic. Relax. You can retrieve the deleted file. 

Follow these steps. 

1. Download TOKIWA DataRecovery. The freeware gets downloads in seconds. The filename is DataRecovery_EN 
2. Unzip the download file. 
3. Run the DataRecovery.exe file. 
4. Select the drive from where the file got deleted. 
5. Click on the scan tab. 
6. It will show the list of deleted files from the selected drive.
7. Find the deleted file. 
8. Click on the Recover tab. 
9. The deleted file is recovered. 

You will save your day. Hope you will not PANIC in future.

The section will accommodate practical tips of doing things in our day-to-day life activities. Readers are requested to send their experiences of doing things so that their suggestion and tips help many stranded people.
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