Sunday, 22 July 2012

Blog readership increase by 10.30 %

Bishnupriya Manipuri Online has seen marked increase of 10.30 per cent in the number of visits from the last year. There has been total 17,808 visits last year and 19,642 just during 1 January 2012-22 July 2012. And it has resumed loyal base of 2935 readers.  

Beside it, there has been drastic decrease of people (-18.41 per cent) leaving the blog. In corollary, the readers are enjoying the content published in the blog.

In addition to it, the blog has witnessed an interesting trend, a spike of 101.09 per cent of mobile users. The number of readers using mobile phones to access the blog has doubled. New Delhi leads the trend, followed by Calcutta.

After Google India and, Facebook is in the third position to bring more visitors. And it has been observed readers landing on the blog from Facebook are more loyal and they consume the content profusely.

The top 10 Indian cities where the blog is accessed are: New Delhi (there is 4.62% increase in readership), Bangalore (16.26%), Calcutta (75.29%), Hyderabad (74.56%), Pune (76.94%), Chennai (35.29%), Mahape (703.23%), Noida (36 %), Ahmedabad (42%), Lucknow (100%).

However, the number of visitors from Guwahati has decreased by -26.39 %, Mumbai (-18.68%), and Silchar with -42.39 %.

Something that enchants about the blog from the previous year is the increase in its readership and increase in the loyal base of readership in 2012. 
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