Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bishnupriyas seek central support for welfare

Post Bureau, Guwahati (July 22): The Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Yuva Parishad (NBMYP) has urged the Centre to take steps to ameliorate the living conditions of the Bishnupriyas. The annual general meeting of NBMYP held here on Sunday noted with concern that the community was still lagging behind due to lack of appropriate facilities from the government.
“We are always neglected from every aspect of life. We are deprived of government’s welfare schemes as we are yet to be listed under the OBC category by the central government. So we urge the central government to take appropriate steps in this regard,” said Shankha Sinha, NBMYP general secretary.
He also demanded that Dispur increase the number of seats in the Bishnupriya Manipuri Development Council. “We want the number of members be increased to 25, from the present 12, so that more focus can be given on the developmental works,” he added.
The NBMYP said measures should be taken to develop language and culture of the community in the state. “We are a part of this state and, if every tribe and community has the right to move ahead, we too have that right. We urge the government to regularise Bishnupriya Manipur language teachers in 152 schools across the state and provide them regular salaries,” said NBMYP publicity secretary Pradeep Sinha.
The NBMYP regretted that Doordarshan and All India Radio did not broadcast programmes in Bishnupriya. “Being a government broadcast medium, it is their duty and responsibility to broadcast our programmes like others. We urge the Union information and broadcasting ministry to have a look in this regard,” he added.

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