Tuesday, 5 July 2011


ITANAGAR, Jul 3: Members of Bishnupriya Manipuri Welfare Society, Capital Complex deeply mourned the death of Mridangacharya Nilmadhab Mukherjee, who died at his Guwahati residence in the last quarter of May this year.

Late Mukherjee was appointed as the founder artiste in the State Publicity and Cultural Department of Assam in 1962. He established the Purbanchal Kalaparishad in 1975. A participant in the International World Music Conference at Paris, late Mukherjee had travelled to earstwhile Soviet Union and London in order to promote Manipuri dance. Social activists and members of the the Society including Haridas Sinha, Brajagopal Sinha and Ranjit Sinha while reacalling the contributions of Nilmadhab Mukherjee said the vaccum created with the death of Mukherjee will be difficult to fulfil. 

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