Saturday, 6 March 2010

Lost Cause: A Short Story by Karunamay Sinha

Lost Cause
Short Story
Published in The Statesman (October 25, 2005)

By Karunamay Sinha

IT turned out to be a dingy slum on the outskirts of the township, marked by snotty children scampering about and ragged, shabbily-clad women yelling at the top of their voices. The shack they were led to was locked from outside. “Subi Auntie no longer lives here,” the neighbours informed them. “She lives with her daughter at Silaghat, only her son lives here in this house.” “Where could he be found?” “Oh, Bittu? He should be at the auto stand now, he drives an autorickshaw and leaves home early.” They turned round and hotfooted it to the auto stand of the little township. Fortunately for them he was there, just back from the station, collecting fare from passengers alighting from his vehicle and giving them change. They swooped in on him. “Subi Auntie?” he exclaimed with a note of disdain, “Why, I’ve got no business with that slut!” Continue reading...

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