Thursday, 4 March 2010

Extending Web Border

By RK Rishikesh Sinha, New Delhi

The launch of Google’s Buzz in the first week of February had an earth-shaking impact on the Internet landscape. I grouped with those million of users who were against it, initially due to the privacy concern. My immediate concern was that all the people in my contact list in Gmail were coming to know multiple web profiles I am having. It is something – my previous editor who is not related to is coming to know all my multiple web [Picasa, You Tube, Google Reader, twitter, Flickr..] services owned by me. It was complete noise, communication bombardment, criss-cross messaging upon me.

But the crisis came as a blessing in disguise. I had to tweak many things; and the tweaking process landed me to a serendipitous discovery: There were readers in Facebook, the world’s largest social network, who liked I was able to show and market the Facebook users the content created here.

You can see from the above figure, that all the traffic sources that got in the period January 31–March 2, 2010, first is Google [readers use Google search and than drop to the site]; second is direct [that is people write directly the site’s name]; third is Facebook, the latest discovery. It contributed 11.78 per cent to the total sources landing to the site. 

It is not that the idea didn’t strike me before to make the compatible to the Facebook. But I dropped it (mistake on my part) since I thought it useless to join the two – and Facebook.

Now, when Facebook has been connected, how twitter could remain untouched? Now twitter users can remain in contact with the site.

Orkut is in radar, but the Google product long back silently dropped feeds from blog(s) and sites. Waiting when Google allows feeds in Orkut.

How a reader could connect with the

  • Email Alerts: You will be receiving post(s) alerts in your email.
  • Buzz: You will be receiving real-time alert(s) in your email.
  • SMS: If you are in India, and wish to receive SMS of post.
  • Google Reader: You want to read all posts at your leisure time.

Get Post + Videos + Photos [You come to know each and every activity with post, videos and photos taking place in the]

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