Friday, 12 March 2010

Inactive Vs Active Emails IDs

It is a matter of concern, readers who visits BishnupriyaManipuri.Com and subscribe to the email alerts to receive post(s) don't complete the whole subscription process. They remain aloof to all the activities that takes place here. They miss the updates of articles, posts, photos, music and videos published continually here.

In 2007, the number of pending verification was of 3 email ids; in 2008, 27 inactive emails ids against 74 active (lot of email ids were deleted), in 2009, 34 against 48 active ids !!; and in 2010, 12 invalid email ids compared to 5 confirmed email ids!!

Active Vs Pending Verification Statistics (2007-2008-2010 March)

Readers usually follow the first step that is they fill in their email id in the subscription box. The second step that is confirming to the email sent to their ID is ignored. Reason - they don't know. So, next time, please open your email ID and confirm to the subscription.

Follow the steps:

Step 1: You fill in in the email subscription box. 

Step 2: Next, open with your username and password.
Step 3: Open the mail seeking confirmation. 
Step 4: Click on the link. 

For more detail, please click here: How to subscribe email alert tutorial.

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