Monday, 9 February 2009

Unexplored Personalities

By Santosh Kumar Singha, Mangalore

We have been experiencing various struggles and sacrifices that our people have given for the sake of getting identity, acceptance and ultimately the development of our community. We can never forget the immortal personalities like Late Bimal Sinha, Late Sudeshna Sinha, Late Gitiswami and many more. These many more are none but all the people who contributed a lot for our community in different ways in the field they excelled. 

Many stories of unexplored Bishnupriya Manipuris are there who contributed a lot to the community but their contributions are still unknown and unappreciated. Stories about these personalities we can hear in the mouths of Epus and Aaboks. Time demands studies on these personalities and documenting it, otherwise their efforts and contributions will remain unexplored forever with the death of our Epus and Aaboks. 

As for example, a personality is there in Kailashahar district of North Tripura called Bhairav Sinha, an old man of about more than 75 years old, whose contributions are immense for the community. This old man’s ultimate goal in life is to see our community to be developed. Whenever he comes out from his house, youths on the road always try to get rid of him and avoid him. Reasons of avoiding him by the youths: he always talks about how to develop Bishnupriya Manipuri community which is a boring topic according to majority of the youth’s perception. He tells youths, “Baba gaashi kita kororaita tumi, lerike mon dei, maanu onar chesta koro, IPS oi, IAS oi, Scientists oi, Girok Bimalar deki minister oi. Esade daangoriya maanu naa thaile kungoi aamare doshorang represent kortaai, kungoi aamar hin baaro daabi daawa sorkaarorang foukoreitaai. Nijor maanu daangoriya position-e naa thaile aamar hin baro daabi, sokaarou naau huneitaai. Girok Bimal thaite aamar jaator koto kaam oya gelga, taar loi naaya aashe jaator kaam uta kungoi puraa kortoi?" 

It is a question to all Bishnupriya Manipuris who are supposed to answer it. Do we have guts to answer these questions? 

This old man prefers to speak with youths about community development as he believes that youths are our backbone and only they have the power and capability to bring revolution in our community. He always tries to ignite youths to get settled and give contributions to the community as far as they can.

Learning: youths can only bring revolution in the development of our community, of course under the guidance of our elders. Our community needs ‘JAAGO GAAURAPEI, PURIJELEI’ yojana. 

He is an active member in the development of a samiti in Kailashahar called ‘SOU SEVA SAMITI’. The mission of this samiti is to provide financial support to Bishnupriya Manipuri bright students whose families are too poor to finance their children’s education. 

This samiti has successfully produced many educated and established Bishnupriya Manipuris like Engineers settled in abroad, first Bishnupriya Manipuri Chartered Accountant and many more which would be impossible without the help of this samiti. Now, these settled people do financial contributions to the samiti to help more poor bright students. 

It is learning from this samiti of Kailashahar that students and youths are the backbone of our community and we can develop our community by strengthening these bright students and youths. Probably this samiti is looking at the other intellectual peoples in different places like Silchar, Guwahati, Dharmanagar, Kamalpur, Patherkandi, Shillong, Delhi, Bangalore etc to take such necessary steps. It is a concern if people at other places will respond or just avoid it. 

Studies on other such unexplored Bishnupriya Manipuri personalities are going on and will be communicated as soon as finished. Hope to read more articles based on studies of many more unexplored personalities from our intellectuals.

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